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Hollywood, California, United States | SELF

Hollywood, California, United States | SELF
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"Glitter Rose Plays "Dead or Alive""

Glitter Rose had a rockin' CD Release Party for her latest effort "Dead or Alive" at the Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood, CA. Rose holds residency at the Hard Rock Sunday mornings between 10am and 12:30pm for the venue's Southern Rock Brunch. For more info, check out - Mixed Notes, Music Connection Magazine - June 2012

"Outlaw Southern Rock Singer Glitter Rose Live on Gosh!Radio"

Exclusive interview with outlaw Southern rock singer Glitter Rose live worldwide on Gosh!Radio at 10am PST May 12th, 2012

By Robin Rowe

Glitter Rose live on Gosh!Radio on May 12th

HOLLYWOOD, CA (Hollywood Today) 2012/5/8 – “I just write what I feel and play it hard,” says country rock-n-roll singer Glitter Rose. “My style is very raw. I’m influenced very much by The Rolling Stones. Mick and Keith created a very poetic musical experience, with raw, natural guitars.”

Host Gabrielle Pantera will interview Glitter Rose and take callers’ questions on Gosh!Radio Meet the Music. Watch the show live at Viewers call in each week during the show to ask questions or give a shout out to the guests. Callers phone (559) 546 1700 in the United States: and enter code 472737. Gosh!Radio provides callers with local numbers in 15 countries that are listed on the web site. The show broadcasts worldwide on Saturday mornings at 10am Pacific time. Gabrielle Pantera is the entertainment editor for Hollywood Today.

The music of Glitter Rose is outlaw Southern rock, a perfect blend of country and rock-n-roll with an outlaw attitude. Her message carries emotion. “Whether its a story about someone I know, or an experience in my own life, every story I tell evokes real emotion,” says Rose. “You can feel it in everything from the lyrics to the chords I choose and the way I play them.”

Glitter Rose wrote her first album, Girl of Mystery, at age 12 and recorded it when she was 13. Her second album, Wolf’s Cry, released when she was 14. At age 15, she started the rock band Hollywood High. She released three singles with that band: Class of ’69, Bred to Shred, and Embrace the Sin. In 2007, Glitter Rose went back to being a soloist, releasing the album Southern Comfort, then the single Doublewide on the Backside. She also released an acoustic CD, GR at the PALMS. Her latest album is Dead or Alive, that dropped in March 2012.

Glitter Rose at the Hardrock Cafe Hollywood

Currently in residency at Hard Rock Cafe on Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, Glitter Rose has performed 2,500 shows. She’s the featured performer at Southern Rock Brunch, an event the Hard Rock created around her music. In the past 14 years, Glitter Rose has played at The NAMM Show, the Dallas International Guitar Festival, Whisky a GoGo and House of Blues in Hollywood, Poor David’s Pub in Dallas, the Main St. Arts Festival in Ft. Worth, and at Hard Rock Cafes all over the U.S.

Rose started writing music when she was 12. “I wrote country music, although I didn’t listen to a lot of country,” says Rose. “So it was something that was natural in me. I’ve always been a huge rock music fan. That’s what I was raised on, everything from Van Halen to Tom Petty.”

“As a teenager, I wrote rock music in the style of Motley Crue and Guns n’ Roses,” says Rose. “I enjoyed that for several years. Then, when I turned 20, I wanted to blend the two styles, create something unique and real. I combine what I feel and what I love in my writing.”

“The way I write songs is different every time,” says Rose. “Sometimes it starts with a guitar riff. Other times it’s words. Sometimes it’s a melody. There are also times when I might start an idea and put it aside. Then, when I’m writing something new, that prior piece written happens to fit and the two become one. Songwriting has always been such an interesting art to me…being able to express feelings and tell stories accompanied by music. It’s much like watching a movie and
hearing the words people are speaking while there’s music in the background enhancing the emotion of the words.”

Rose sang from a young age, joining the school choir at age 10. She’s a guitarist, acoustic and electric. She’s also a lefty. “When I first started writing at 12, I tried to learn on a right-handed guitar to accompany my singing,” says Rose. “I couldn’t play it. I then started playing keyboards, thinking I maybe wasn’t c - - May 8th, 2012

"Rose finds 'Comfort'"

by Paul Salfen

Glitter Rose is hoping you'll join her this weekend for some 'Southern Comfort'. That's the title of her new album, but after the work she has put into it, she could probably use a drink before all the fun begins.

"We've been working on this project for about a year now. It's good, fun Southern rock with a little country," says the singer. "It's Lynyrd Skynyrd meets Johnny Cash meets Ray Wylie Hubbard with some Texas rock thrown in."

Rose, 22, has been writing songs since the age of 12. She admits, "I didn't have a lot of background, I just enjoyed it."

Here's more from Rose.

Q: Some people locally may remember you as a rock singer, right?

A: Yeah, I was the lead singer of Hollywood High, and we moved out to Los Angeles and won the award at the Los Angeles Music Awards for outstanding new artist. We got offered some deals in L.A., but they were pop deals - they wanted me but they didn't even want to give me co-writing options. It really wasn't for me, so I came back to Texas and started writing some good-time Southern Comfort drinking songs, and that's what we got on the record.

Q: How did you go from rock to the country sound you have now?

A: You know, rock was very experimental for me. When I first started writing songs, they were pop-country tunes, so rock was different for me. I love to perform and put on a big rock show - that was fun. Then I started picking up my acoustic (guitar) more, and what came out was this rock and country blend. This stuff is fun to play, fun to sing, and people have a good time listening to it.

Q: What was it like going into a completely different scene?

A: I just started testing this stuff out in smaller places, and people seemed to have such a good time...David Card of Poor David's Pub has really taken me under his wing and this whole scene in Dallas has been really supportive.

Q: Where did the name Glitter Rose come from?

A: My dad started calling me 'Glitter' when I was very young and my friends called me that, and when I started playing rock music, I decided to change my name to that. So, now, I'm Glitter Rose. - Quick DFW - Spet. 27, 2007

"Glitter Rose shines in the smokey, smooth Southern Comfort"

This CD literally dropped into my lap. I was at the State Fair with my goddaughter and she told the young lady at the end of the next table that she liked her cowboy hat. The young woman showed her a picture of another hat she owned. It was on a business card. The young woman was Glitter Rose and she told us she was a singer. I mentioned that I write music reviews and her manager placed Southern Comfort into my hands.

I am a big devotee in listening to new, local talent. If you believe in yourself enough to make a recording, then one should give it a spin. Happy accidents are discovered by trying something new. Besides, just about every recording star was local before they broke nationally.

The disc opens with “American Man” a tune that feels more like a Waylon Jennings/Jessie Colter track. The story song is of bring broke down and a finding if not Mister Right, then Mister Right Now. “Great Lovin’” has that Urban Cowboy feel, a honky-tonk boot scooting tune with a fat bouncing bass. It has a libidinous lyric, as playful as it is lewd. Though Glitter does have a great rebel yell.

“What Would You Do If I Shot You” has to be the female empowerment single of the month. Glitter almost shouts the chorus as if she were singing to a single individual, someone who should be watching his back. With a swinging guitar “Southern Comfort” is yet another drinking song but this one taking shots while taking shots.

Finally showing some more personal reflection is “Lucky” a tune about a bar patron who touched our singer. With a tongue firmly planted in its lyrical cheek comes “The Cowtown Song.” It takes a crack at the city cowboy idea. It ends with a great ending break that begs for an old time country holler. “Midnight Rodeo” starts soft and finds this fat place to expand. It rolls and rocks, expanding the wall of sound to the floor and ceiling.

“Flavor Of The Week” feels more like LP filler than a thought out track. While it isn’t a bad bit of ear candy, it just doesn’t do more that just be there on the disc. “Texas Lullaby (The Kerrville Song)” comes across as the most honest song of Southern Comfort. It is about a time and a place that finally shows some true emotions. As a singer/songwriter showcase, this is the tune that shows the greatest potential.

“Getaway” is one of those rolling bar tunes that refer to smoking, drinking and getting laid. Presented with a rich back beat and tight harmonica, one can hear the drunks screaming at the ribald excesses. It is a fun little ditty of white trash overload. Ending the disc is “Texas Proud” a song that celebrates being country while still being from California. As a transplanted Texan, I can understand the sympathies.

Since I’ve listened to many local CDs over the years I’ve noticed the lack of technical skill in the physical production. Here, those deficiencies do not exist. So the biggest praises have to go to Rod Bollinger. He produced and recorded the disc as well as providing lead guitar, slide guitar, lead acoustic guitar, bass harmonica and background vocals. His imprint is over this as much as Glitter Rose.

With so many songs about drinking and sex, this disc struck me more along the lines of a country version of Amy Winehouse. If I can find a true complaint about Southern Comfort is that it’s scope is too narrow. I know that booze fueled, whiskey drenched tunes are a staple of being a honky-tonk queen. I’d just like some more songs that explored the emotional side of country music. With so many songs about drinking, the next disc may be about going to rehab.

Probably the most important part of this recording is that 10% of every CD goes to support the troops at One Vet Ahead, Int. According to the liner notes, Glitter Rose will send one CD to the troops for every CD purchased. One has to admire that kind of commitment to our boys in harms way.

If you like rock based, outlaw country then this is a disc for you. Glitter Rose is a much younger version of Gretchen Wilson, carrying the same kicking intensity. This is a bar record, like one of those discs on a jukebox you don’t know but every regular in the place knows by heart. You gotta love a disc with a girl holding a guitar on the front cover and a shotgun on the back. - - Gmurray

"Kammerer Glitter Rose"

The Jon Kammerer Glitter Rose acoustic/electric guitar uses the company's parabolic-curve cutaway design, dual-action truss rod, Gotoh tuning machines, and cast-acrylic saddle and nut. The guitar is finished in high-gloss black with the State of Texas shape inlaid in maple. See it at - Vintage Guitar Magazine - Feb. 2008

"Rhinestone Cowgirl"

Born and raised in Fort Worth, Glitter Rose is a good reason for young people to believe in country music again. Offering a raw sound and bad girl attitude, Glitter Rose has a fresh, new take on the genre that is sure to take off. Her latest single, "Doublewide on the Backside", has been getting a great deal of publicity, particularly following her recent invitation to play at Whisky a GoGo in Hollywood, her appearance on ABC's "Good Morning Texas" and the remainder of her 1,200 memorable performances. See Glitter Rose on Saturday, October 24 at Poor David's Pub. -Matt Alexander - ENVY Magazine - Oct. 2009

"Glitter Rose aims to keep the rock in country"

by Jaime Castro

I had a chance to check out Glitter Rose’s set. The southpaw, guitar playing, southern rockin’ vixen, who happens to have has her own line of Jon Kammerer Guitars, is no stranger to the Dallas Guitar Festival going on her 3rd tour.

Promoting her 2007 release, “Southern Comfort” and her latest single “Double Wide on the Back Side”, Glitter in a faded Batman shirt and band mates went through an entertaining set that included a mixture of originals and covers such as Aerosmith’s “Pink” (which seems very appropriate), Elvis, and Beatles. The high point of the set was her original track “All Good Guys Wear Black”. I could not help giggle at the lyrics mentioning Batman and Superman, but hey it made me buy a CD. Leave it to Glitter to appeal the nerd side of the crowd.

The only thing I would suggest to Glitter Rose is to study the formula of the Pennsylvania band Halestorm and 80s rock goddess, Lita Ford, and just do the same in the southern country market. The enthusiasm, energy, and talent is definitely there. Maybe she is the one to finally rid put an end to the Carrie Underwoods and Taylor Swifts of the world. One can only hope.

- - April 19th, 2010

"Where the Girls Are: 8 more female musicians to look out for"

by Preston Jones

Sarah Jaffe isn't the only female making waves in the local music scene, though sometimes it seems that way. Here's a glance at eight more ladies to keep an eye on. -- Preston Jones

Glitter Rose

This self-described Fort Worth "outlaw" brings a swagger to country music that too few men, never mind women, employ. Glitter Rose released her debut Southern Comfort in 2007; recently, she cut a new single, Doublewide on the Backside, with producer Rob Chiarelli at the Palms in Las Vegas. She hosts the open-mike night at Dallas' Poor David's Pub on the first Wednesday of every month. (

Tamara Cauble

Curly-haired violinist Cauble contributes to not one, but two local acts: Telegraph Canyon and Chameleon Chamber Group. Her work in Telegraph Canyon, for which she is likely best known, isn't limited to lovely runs that thread through songs like Into the Woods, but also gorgeous harmony vocals. (;

Seryn's Chelsea Bohrer

A member of one of Denton's buzziest acts, Bohrer's dreadlocks fly about as Seryn tears through its folk-tinged tunes and multipart harmonies. The group is working on its debut full-length album, set for release later this year. (

Jessie Frye

Originally from Tarrant County but making her home in Denton these days, singer-songwriter Frye first turned heads with 2008's The Delve EP and a reputation for explosive live performances. A veteran of South by Southwest and NX35, Frye is finishing up her next EP, produced by John Congleton. (

The Bright

TCU alum Julie Lange fronts this pop-rock sextet, whose music has been a staple on MTV programming for the past couple of years. With an album, In Lucid Dreams, under its belt, the Bright is hard at work writing new material and playing shows across the Metroplex. (

Darktown Strutters' Kara Howell

Along with Wes Darrin, Howell fronts the Dallas-based Darktown Strutters, an indie electronica outfit that has won raves from notoriously hard-to-please outlets like WeShotJR. The band, a popular opener that has warmed up crowds for groups like the Big Pink, is reportedly working on releasing a vinyl single. (

Shock of


Kelley Christian is credited simply as "the voice" of this Dallas-based electro-lounge quartet -- but what a voice. Smoky, inviting and potent, it's the first thing that grabs listeners who pick up the band's debut, This Is a Test, or last year's EP, Not My Angel (both available on iTunes). (

Becky Middleton

Folk and soul collide with spectacular results in the music of Dallas-based singer-songwriter Becky Middleton. Last year she released her debut, No Trouble, an album co-produced by Salim Nourallah. (
- - May 12th, 2010

"Record Reviews"

Glitter Rose
Southern Comfort
Self Released

One of the sure forms for success in a certain subgenre of country music is to mix a hot-looking young woman with a bare midriff and a big-star belt buckle and a weathered straw cowboy hat with equal parts of sass and attitude, ambition, more-than-passing references to good times and Texas cliches and beer and getting drunk on Texas beer. Oh, yeah, and a passable voice. This formula holds up even in, or perhaps because of, the male-dominated scene.

Glitter Rose - that comes from a childhood nickname - does all of that with charm on her recent CD, 'Southern Comfort'. Just when it seems like she's got nothing more to offer than the "Flavor of the Week", which is the title of the eighth of the eleven songs, she comes up with "Texas Lullaby (The Kerrville Song)", which seems sorta revelatory - like, oh, yeah, there's a lot more to music than honky-tonk cliches.

The acoustic song recounts feelings from the Kerrville Folk Festival as a place where, looking for more, she finds a peace inside.

Will Glitter Rose get beyond the cliches? Who knows? She's paying her dues by hosting a regular open mic night at Poor David's Pub, while 'Southern Comfort' is at least a starting point for the kind of music she wants to make.

The production's sound is a little thin, but passable. And, as a closing note, Rose says she'll donate ten percent of CD sales to One Vet Ahead (which helps soldiers adjust back to civilian life) and, for every CD she sells, she'll send one to a soldier serving overseas. Here's to the artist growth that's sure to come.

-Tom Geddie - Buddy Magazine April 2008

"Rose's Career Filled With Glitter, Glam"

By Katie Hudson-Martinez

Playing off of an inspiration rooted in Southern rock and country, one former TCC student is following her musical dreams.

Glitter Rose, who studied music on NE Campus, just released a new album 'Southern Comfort' on Black Fang Records.

The 22 year old singer/songwriter is already a veteran of the industry, with 10 years of experience and more than 1,000 live performances under her belt. The largest crowd she has performed for was more than 4,000 people.

"It's an incredible feeling to play for that many people and see that they are liking it," she said. "Really, whether it's 2 or 2,000, I just love to play music."

Rose was born in California, but said she "got here as quick as she could." Moving to Texas as a child, she quickly developed a sense of Texas Pride - so much that she wrote a song about it.

She does that a lot, drawing inspiration for songwriting from her own life and personal experiences.

"I really like to have fun with my music. I like to make people happy," she said. "Whether it be about partying or my friends or experiences - it's always about having a good time."

Rose and her band Hollywood High won the Los Angeles Music Award for Outstanding New Artist in 2004. Since then, she has traveled across the U.S. bringing a little taste of Texas from California to New York.

She is now looking at doing a European Tour as her international album sales have continued to increase.

"It's so exciting for me; I love to tour," she said. "To see new places and people, to meet my fans - it's amazing."

Rose's music has been compared to a young Gretchen Wilson and described as rock-a-billy. Drawing off of a passion for Hank Williams, the Charlie Daniels Band and the Rolling Stones, she sings and plays guitar with a uniquely Southern twist.

Her family is very involved with her career and has been supportive of her every step of the way.

"I come from a big Italian family; we are very close," she said. "My sister is my manager, and they all really believe in me and love my music."

Rose will unveil a new line of Jon Kammerer Guitars with her name at the 2008 Dallas Guitar Show in April.

The hand-crafted, custom-made guitars are prized for their sound, style, and comfort and are expected to be a popular item at the show.

She is also hosting an open mic at Mardi Gras Dallas 4pm-8pm every Sunday and will perform at Spring Fest on NE Campus at 10am April 16th.

She has a lot of irons in the fire right now, but when she's not working or making music (or both), like most women her age, she just loves hanging out with her friends.

"I love bonfires and camping and being outdoors," she said. "And, of course, a bottle of Southern Comfort is always good."

For more information on Glitter Rose and to hear some of her music, visit her MySpace page at

Her CD, 'Southern Comfort', is on sale now, and for every CD sold, one will be donated to U.S. troops overseas. - The Collegian - April 2, 2008

"Girls Who Rock - Rock House Girl of the Week, Glitter Rose"

The Rock House Girl of the Week is Glitter Rose. Glitter hails from the almighty state of Texas. There's a lot of girls that can perform like as well as boys and Glitter Rose is one of them.

A quote from Glitters web site "Glitter Rose is an explosion of Texas Southern Rock and Outlaw Country. She's not your normal girl with a guitar. This left handed outlaw owns the stage with her amazing charisma and sex appeal. Her songs capture the audience with good time hooks, honky tonk tales, and Southern Comfort! Her Texas attitude drives her rough, sexy, country rockin' sound and sets stages on fire across the country".

RHB: When did you Start Playing?

GR: I started playing music live when I was 12. That's when I started writing songs to keyboard. I tried to learn to play guitar at 12, but was learning on a right handed guitar. I'm a lefty and it didn't work for me, so when I was 13 I tried again on a lefty model and realized I was definitely a guitar player!

RHB: Why Should Girls Rock?

GR: Because they can! Any girl who wants to play guitar, or any instrument and be a rockstar should go for it!

RHB: What is your favorite music to play?

GR: I like to rock out, whether its on a country song or a rock n roll song, I just like to play it hard and groovy!

RHB: What Type of Gear/guitars do you use?

GR: My guitar I play the most is my series with Jon Kammerer Guitars, its called the Glitter Rose Series. It's an acoustic/electric design meant for performance. My other acoustic/electrics are a Martin 1 Series (from the 90's era), and a Dean Exotica. I also play a Jon Kammerer electric through a VOX 15W Custom Classic. My other electric guitars are a Washburn Maverick and a DeArmond DuoJet Copy. AND I have an Ibanez Acoustic that I play at the campfire!

RHB: Are you in a Band?

GR: I do a solo project by my name, Glitter Rose. I write and perform southern rock with an outlaw country twist! Its fun, catchy stuff you can rock out to. My songs are about having a good time, going to Vegas, eating BBQ and drinking Southern Comfort! My website is and my myspace page is, come by and say hi!

RHB: Do you have any advice for girls who want to get started in music?

GR: If you want to play music, you've gotta do everything you can to be the best at what you do! Take as many lessons as you can, play live whenever you can, and always have confidence and believe in yourself! But most important, remember to be humble and treat people with respect. And always help up and encourage other girls in music! Rock on! GR - The Rock House Method Blog, May 2009

"Arlington-based Country Vixen Glitter Rose Plays NAMM Convention, The Palms in Vegas"

The National Association for Music Merchants is having its winter get together in Anaheim, California this week and Arlington's Glitter Rose (right, as photographed by Kaci Okabayashi of Industrial Envy) is playing a showcase for Moody Leather, the company that endorses her guitar strap.

Ms. Rose informs me via email that the event is private, but that, after attending the convention, she will be heading to Vegas to play at The Palms Casino on January 25, and she'll be back in Dallas on the 31st when she will be a part of something called Underground: Dallas' Hidden Talents at the Janette Kennedy Gallery located in the Southside Building on Lamar.

Quite the eclectic and electric schedule for the drawling, curvaceous Rose, who undoubtedly will be highlighting material from her 2007 effort, Southern Comfort.

Cheese this rich has to come in a nice package. - By Darryl Smyers in Music News - Dallas Observer Blog, Jan. 2009


Current Release:
"Dead or Alive" - 2012

Previous Releases:
"GR at the PALMS" - 2010
"Doublewide on the Backside" - 2009
"Southern Comfort" - 2007

Previous Project Releases:
"Embrace the Sin" - 2003 (released as Hollywood High)
"Bred to Shred" - 2002 (released as Hollywood High)
"Class of '69" - 2001 (released as Hollywood High)
"Wolf's Cry" - 2000 (released as Cassie Rose)
"Girl of Mystery" - 1999 (released as Cassie Rose)



She's got a Southern heart, and a Rock n' Roll soul. Outlaw Southern Rocker, Glitter Rose from Ft. Worth, TX. This left handed guitarist owns the stage with her amazing charisma and defining Southern Rock sound. GR is endorsed by TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik, Orange Amplifiers, Fishman Acoustic Amplification, WARRIOR Guitar, BAE Audio, Rotosound Music Strings, Moody Leather, and Guitar Hands Hand Care.

GR is a veteran in the music industry starting professionally at 13 years old in 1998. She is an accomplished guitarist, a simply genius songwriter, and has vocals packed with power, grit, and originality. Her live show is that of legends, captivating the audience with her high energy performance, and her passionate presence. GR has great love and admiration for her fans, stating "They are the reason I make music. If I can evoke emotion and excitement in one person in the crowd, I've done my job. It brings me great satisfaction to touch people with my songs and my performance."

GR is currently in Hollywood, CA, where she held a 5 month residency with the Hard Rock Cafe on Hollywood Blvd. for an event they created for her music called Southern Rock Brunch. She is a highly respected performer at The NAMM Show and the Dallas International Guitar Festival. She received Honorable Mention for her quirky, tongue and cheek "Doublewide on the Backside" in the Billboard World Song Contest 2010. Her new album "Dead or Alive" was released in Spring 2012, and is making waves in the music industry. She is nominated for 2 Los Angeles Music Awards in 2012 including Best Country Artist and Country Single of the Year with her song "Vodka Girls". She is also nominated for Best Rock Artist in the 2013 Artists in Music Awards. With the perfect blend of Country and Rock GR brings to the table, she will be a pioneer in modern Southern Rock, defining a new generation.

Quotes about GR...

"With the talent, the look, and the class befitting a future superstar, we at TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik are behind GR 1000%!!!! We have watched this Rose bloom into an amazing flower of musical expression, and continue to watch her explode. Her path to greatness will be paved by not only deserving talent, but by an unmatched work ethic and drive."

-Jason Scheuner
Artist Liaison
TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik

“Glitter Rose is an electrifying performer who we have had the pleasure of hosting for a Sunday residency at Hard Rock Café on Hollywood Blvd for the past 5 months. We predict BIG things down the road for Ms. GR and she has our support all the way!”

-Eileen Mercolino
Brand Marketing Manager
Hard Rock Café – Los Angeles

"Glitter Rose combines down-to-earth storytelling with kick-ass, passionate performances. Country, rock, blues - label it what you want - just make sure you go see her."

-Zoe Thrall
Studio at the Palms

"Glitter Rose has all that it takes to be a success: looks, vocals, stage presence, and attitude. IF she doesn't make it big, then there is no justice in the Music Bidness!"

-David Card
Poor David's Pub

"GLITTER ROSE... On the surface this young artist is a striking, ominous singer who demands attention just by her pureness of beauty...on the other hand her persuasiveness to make you listen to her is a hidden attraction. Her totally infectious slice of life songs are a fresh welcome mat into the country MySpace generation. We need GR to tear the doors down on the tired perception of country music among tweens and AC markets!!"

-Linda Septien
President, SEG Records, Inc.
Septien Entertainment Group