Glitter Trash

Glitter Trash

 Detroit, Michigan, USA

Retro style punk rock band heavily influenced by Iggy and The Stooges, The Dead Boys, New York Dolls and Sex Pistols, with a modern twist in lyrics. Aggressive show with interaction between band and audience. Jenna Talia, a transsexual Front, has been compared to Iggy, Stiv Bators and Wendy O.


Jenna Talia - Front
Homeless - Guitar
Dave O. - Bass
Danny Allen - Drums

The Shock and Roll of T Rock
Detroit City reverberates to the sound of T Rock, the future of punk . With a trumpet of metal angst and a jungle call for youthful rebellion GTP are all that a Punk rock band should be and more. Yes, instrumentation is stripped down , songs are tight and knife edged but the lead singer’s play on sexuality has encouraged a new kind of punk manifesto that kicks out against the punk mainstream. GTP are characterized by the storming chaos of Jenna Talia, the self styled Transgender diva who wears her heart on her G string . Her anti- establishment rhetoric and slut-bomb cool giving rise to a daring cultural phenomena that spits in the face of the traditional punk movement .

GTP say suck on this and suck some more feels good when girls are boys and boys are girls and girls like boys who like girls who are boys ....GTP Spunking to the max ....

- London author Saira Viola


Glitter Trash EP - 2010 - Self Released
Glitter Trash LP - Wreckage - Self Released Winter 2011