Gloam is: astromancy, quaking urns, innard exquisite shadows, a floating drummer, a blue face hauntung a keyboard, open mouths at prison doors, an undated tombstone: Silence died here, demuzzling demons, five kids, sisters, brother, friends making music in the magic hour when night slides out of day


Song writers who are incedently siblings as well,
Fletcher Williams and Olivia Perez started writing
songs on a free musical program called Buzztrack in 2000
in hopes of creating some fine tunage. Little did
they know they would become the unwitting prey to forces
beyond their control, forces that would emanate from
the computer program, through Fletcher's guitar and through
Olivia's voice as well.
This mysterious force was called twilight. This is the same twilight
that informed the famous anthropologist Carlos Casteneda that in
this liminal space this blending of night and day, mysterious
things can be percieved and accomplished. So in the spirit of
uniting oppestites and bringing to light oppresed psychological,
Genderirical, political and magickal states and bringing the mystery of
darkness into our everyday world,
Olivia started writing the lyrics and Fletcher finished and polished the
mixes for the album 'Androgyn' soon to be released.

From then on under the moniker of "Gloam" They continued on in search
for other musicians hoping to bring into complete manifestation for a
live show, the songs they had been writing.
They met bassist Brenden Shutt who had recently moved from Clarksville
Virginia to Colorado in 2005. After an extensive search for a drummer,one
night they happened upon the band Fissure Mystik. Being impressed
with their sound they befriended them. Little did they know that
later drummer Fernando Garcia would agree to sit in on some of their
practices, and soon became their live drummer as well.
Finally, youngest sibling Micheala Perez would agree to
add her skills to Gloam by incorperating a live Keyboard and supporting
guitar, and in the future songwriting skills for their succeeding
project to be titled: "The Woes and the Joys of a Corporeal body"


The Discourse of Fire

Written By: Gloam (Lyrics by Omixochitl)

there's a private warming of the vocal chords at spark o'clock and tho the sun won't cum you'll never know it's you I'm spying on o the things I am seeing when you leave the light on...are too remote so by ash we came to chewsing by the smoke of a suffocated fire there is a fire truck coming now prepare for take off in an inanimate sky I'm trying to touch a spacey place because even I believe they cum in astral white
plugged up and left for dead tonite your good for a month and then you'll die again and all the Eskimos know why, well, I'm not sure why the crusted tooth is lost inside a menstrual scowl of suffocated fire put your mouse next to mine because I'm asleep with my eyes painted on and I'd just turned 11 I didn't know that there would be enough cluster thought to see you again and believe that some ideas are better left unsaid like this idea's forgettable believe me now foget it!!!!
ATLAS will was upon the shore. Shining dots of memory form a picture now, are there patterns the discourse of fire????


Written By: Gloam (Lyrics by Omixochitl)

De-nile make me a dream.
Holes in the twilight make conundrums un-easy way into Avalon.

So we'll take every wave as it comes along, our allies wait for my command. Tea leaves stain my hands are screaming on an edge but I really don't care.

Everyday's the sunday punch and my god, what you gunn give to your friends who are saying"You are all I've got"...?

So we'll take every wave as it comes along. Our allies wait for my command. (release the elegant MALE-evolent alloy, ally)
Now it's sanguine and it's turning and it's getting away but I really don't care!

Show him a doctor, an alcohol-lick clean your dick screams, outside the weather's fine.
But the light it comes and the only way of seeing my disguise, my strategic design is: coming out of a headache.

So we'll take every wave as it comes along (a MALE-evolent alloy, ally)

and it's like the shit it comes down in waves well maybe it'll take me.
Believe me, my heart is barely beating when they take my lightning.


Orkids4Outtro 2001 (self produced)
Transistor Festival Compilation 2007 (Symbolic Insight)
Full length currently in production

Set List

1. Overipe
2. Brine
3. Frozen Lips
4. Cenizashes
5. Warm Bees
6. The Discourse of Fire
We usually play 30-45 minute sets but could easily fill an hour or more.