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• 604 entertainment- Add The Code (2002)
• Eastinfection Vol. 1 Get Down Or Lay Down (2004)
• Eastinfectoin Presents Vol. 2 Seriously Westcoast (2005)
• Eastinfection Presents Profe-C Los Nova Heat For The Street (2009)
• Van City’s Best Kept Secret (2009)
• Black Phoenix Artist Presents Global Syndicate EP (2010)

Track Listings:

UHHHHHHHH Dough P Write Path Ent
100 bars part 1 Dough P Write Path Ent
100 bars part 2 Dough P Write Path Ent
Global Syndicate Dough P Write Path Ent
Low Key Dough P ft Profe-C-Los Write Path Ent
Take Mine Dough P, LaLa, Profe-C-Los, KC Write Path Ent
West Coast Dough P & LaLa Write Path Ent
Count Dat Dough P Write Path Ent
Hammerz Profe-C-Los Kingzmen
Das it Profa-C-Los ft Vic Vodka
Laugh So Silly Profa-C-Los
Eaze Up Profa-C-Los
Takeover Dough P, LaLa, Profe-C-Los Write Path Ent
Don`t Want it With Us Dough P, LaLa, Profe-C-Los, KC, Write Path Ent
Soo Long Dough P & LaLa Write Path Ent
Money Maker Dough P, LaLa, Profe-C-Los Write Path Ent
Bump In Da Night Profe-C-Los, Tee Locosone Kingzmen
Till I Drop Dough P & LaLa Write Path Ent
10 Grand Stacks Dough P, LaLa, Profe-C-Los, KC, Write Path Ent
Expect the Unexpected Dough P, LaLa, Profe-C-Los,
Dats Right Dough P, LaLa, Profe-C-Los,
Let’s Get It Dough P, LaLa, Profe-C-Los,
Party With Me Dough P, LaLa, Profe-C-Los,



Music was their way to express the brother’s struggle, desire, fight and passion. Living below the poverty line, coming from broken homes and trying to defy all odds, the brothers always seemed to have their back up against the wall. The legacy was written as so, Dough-P and LaLa were set out to be DJ’s before MC’s, but due to the cupboards being bare, family situations being tight and school not paying the bills. The brothers needed a way to express their anxiety and struggle.

The Vaivaka boys, having been laying the foundation for success for years, having the opportunity to hit the mic and layout un-published tracks like Pac. The two were destine for bright lights, big stages and brilliant futures. At the age of __ (Dough P) and ___ (LaLa) the boys recorded their first mixtape ( Vancouver’s Best kept secret) With the taste of pure raw struggle, and a way to keep their nose clean, the boys knew from the get go that being in the studio was the route to follow. As the years progressed, and knowledge developed, music seemed to more a reality then a dream. Both bothers knew that if they never took the leap towards their dreams, then a casket or a jail cell was going to be their future.

The brother’s talent grew, and their music developed and connections started coming together LaLa and Dough-P made the decision to go full head with making music their lives. Wanting to paint a picture for their fans, the duo’s music was always there to describe where they developed their skills from. Also provided and giving the insight that dreams can truly be a reality with a little bit of faith, a whole lot of dedication and a lot of hard work.

Having the City behind them due to the local success from their first released mixtape “Vancity’s Best Kept Secret”, it developed enough fan hype, and revenue to allow us to host our first show case. With the show case being a success, having great revues and a close to sold out crowd, it caught the attention of the new but ground-breaking management company Black Phoenix Artist.

With a strong management squad, excellent relationship consisting of hard work, support and dedication, Global Syndicate was able to open up for the up-rising star DJ Whoo Kid, and recently just got off a 11 date western Canada tour with the “Chef” himself Raekwon from the legendary Wu-Tang Clan. Now having the hype of a nation behind us, the whole Black Phoenix family has returned back from tour and are grinding to work on their next mixtape, and prepare for their 2 upcoming cross Canada tours. Jumping of spring with the first tour starting in March with Slim Shady’s comrades D12, and then in May rocking the whole nation, an across Canada tour with Fat Joe and the Terror Squad. The Black Phoenix family is hard at work alongside GS, to direct the sheep into the right path.

In conclusion, The Brothers Dough P, LaLa and their comrade Profa-C-Los have travelled a journey not many men get to discover, better yet dream of. They highly appreciate and cherish anyone and everyone who have ever lent a hand, helped or given us a chance to live their dream. With the support and opportunities Global Syndicate ceases to exist.

Special thanks goes out to the Writepath team for all their contributions and direction, EASTINFECTION for pioneering and setting the foundation for the East Van street scene and making it easier for GS to come up. RKV if it wasn’t for him, the brothers would truly never have had the opportunity to be discovered and sincerely see the talent they processed. BLACK PHOENIX ARTIST MANAGEMENT, with great thanks, appreciation, Global Syndicate with all their most desire thank you. Every day of their lives GS wakes up and lives a dream that only a small few have seen, and the rest read about. And of course Global Syndicate would like to thank their families, they are nothing without you, and everything the GS family does is for you.

To make a long story short, GS has came from nothing, but will make something out nothing..
Somewhat like a magician

Name: Profe-C Los

Occupation: Hustler/Master of Ceremonies/ Rap Song Writer, General of his crew of MC’s Eastinfection Gang

Born in Guatemala City raised in East Vancouver Carlos Profe-C Los Wong has been spitting rhymes since a youngster.
Los has been writing and developing his skills for over ten years , while laying singles on wax for about 9. Profa has performed close near a hundred of performances, including opening for such famous names in the game such as:
• Devon The Dude (2005)
• Bone Thugs N Harmony (2006)
• Too $hort (2008)
• DJ Whoo Kid (2009)

Alongside the two brothers, Profa-C-Los has just returned from the cross Canada Raekwon the “Chef” 11 city western Canadian tour. Los has been blessed to have been featured on such songs by Spice 1, flexerally, DJ Kayslay & Raekwon. Now Profa-C-Los is preparing with Global Syndicate as the opening act for a 28 city Canadian tour with Eminem's Detroit rap-group D12