GlooM RooM

GlooM RooM


A mixture of live drums, crunching bass and synth destruction. Backed by programmed analog blips and bloops, mixed with heavy adrenaline thumping dance floor bass. Fronted by a white-suite-clad punk rock freak show. And it's not at all gay (well, maybe a little).


Gloom Room

10153 115th street
Edmonton, AB T5K 1T3
(780) 995-9155



Ryan Rathjen - vocals/synth
Christopher Gyori - bass
Christopher Donelly - keyboards
Ryan Lundy - drums


• formed September 2005 from the remains of central Alberta punk false starts Kill and Trainwreck.

• played first show in Bentley, AB, at Lacey’s birthday party, held at Scrapper’s house. The attending RCMP officers were considerably less enthusiastic about the group than the assembled revelers.

• recorded debut album Mr. Resistor with Stew Kirkwood at Edmonton’s Sound Extractor studios in early 2006. Released that summer to rave reviews in alternative weeklies and music magazines across Alberta.

• relocated to Edmonton in fall of 2006.


“Extremely danceable and catchier than a flu epidemic,” Beatroute Magazine (Calgary)

“Mr. Resistor pulsates with unrestrained energy—each track is meticulously produced and performed,” The Express (Red Deer)

“This is a young band coming out of a part of the world more known for producing Nickelback knockoffs and big strong defencemen than anything as interesting as this, and Gloom Room have put out a solid first effort, hinting that their future will be anything but gloomy,” Vue Weekly (Edmonton)


GlooM RooM: Mr.Resistor 2006

Set List

As long or as short as you need us to play. We prefer a short set, but for cash we can make exceptions.