San Diego, California, USA

Gloomsday manages to combine heavy textures and high energy to form their very own sound; doom-pop. Featuring baritone guitar and drums, this stripped down two-piece brings driving beats together with catchy rhythms that will get you moving.


Male/Female duo, Gloomsday, featuring Justin Cota on baritone guitar and Lori Sokolowski on drums, was formed in 2007.

Hailing from San Diego, this dynamic and high-energy two-piece got their start playing house parties and dive bars. Willing and able to hold their own alongside other full piece bands, Gloomsday brings a head banging groove with some hip shaking rhythms. The effect of baritone guitar running through dual amplification brings a huge sound that is accented by big, driving beats. This duo creates a true unique sound with influences ranging from garage and post-punk to experimental, noise-pop.

Born from socially conscious commentary, each member of Gloomsday seemed destined to be paired together. Cota as a multi-instrumentalist played guitar and provided backing vocals in minor label grind-core band Forever is Forgotten. Sokolowski's varied musical background began with trombone and folk guitar until she met Cota and the two started what is now Gloomsday.

This first incarnation of the band had Cota on drums and Sokolowski on bass with a third member on guitar. Once Sokolowski took up the drums they started a post-punk dance-rock band with a third member on bass. In time, the two decided to break away and focus on a two-piece project under the name Knives! After playing locally under that name they decided to change it before the release of their first album.

The self-titled, four song EP is out now.

Gloomsday has shared the stage with:
Rats Eyes
Meho Plaza
Breaker Breaker One-Niner
Country Death
Screamin Cyn Cyn & the Pons
Half Gorilla
Apes of Wrath
The Long and Short of It
Ghetto Blaster
….And many more!


Stab Your Love

Written By: Gloomsday

I bet you just can't wait to see, your friends burn in effigy
I can't wait to watch you crawl, on your hands and knees

There's no shame in love, there's no shame in hatred
There's no shame in stabbing the back
There's no shame, cause I'll stab you anyway

Over and over and over again
Stabbing your love away

I don't think it's right, you let your lifetime pass you by
Don't think it's right but you'll waste it anyway
Looked into your eyes, can't hear a word you're saying
Don't want to pacify what I don't understand
Don't want to pacify 'cause I don't understand you

There's no use in going out tonight
There's no use in dressing up all nice
Your past seems to be a reoccurring nightmare
There's no sympathy, there's none left to spare

Cruzin for a Bruzin

Written By: Gloomsday

Show us your trophy scars
How does it feel, to be at the business end of that double edged sword
Seasons change, so why don't you take a hint, make like a tree and leave

Always gotta go for ride , your cruzin for a bruzin

Troubles come, troubles go. So quickly you stumble, don't act like you don't know.
Always at the forefront of someone else's nerves.
I don't want to be there when you get what you deserve.

This is a pathetic tapestry you've woven us into again, that's what I get!
So why don't you just take the weight of the world off of your shoulders? That's what I say!
Always got to show off the weight of the world, always got to show it off. show it off.
So you can bleed with the best of them
But can you prove anything short of failure?


EP. Gloomsday, Gloomsday. 4 tracks (released 2010).

Set List

1. Driftwood
2. Disecticon
3. Cruizin for a Bruizin
4. Ooh La La Hey
5. Total Wreckage
6. Stab Your Love
7. Thrown from a Horse
8. Punk Rock Stove Top
9. Kadoom
10. Let it Bleed