You will be transported with our harmonised voices and the incredible piano playing of Joseph.... Pop, words, energy, love... french accent and cries. We are located in different parts of the world (Marie is in Australia right now and Joseph is in Paris... We will love to travel the world for you !


A snow storm, a glass of baileys, a grand piano, the ocean waves of Gaspésie and a really good melody gave birth to Gloria. From the moment Marie Neige (from Montréal, Québec) and Joseph (Lyon, France) started to do music together, everything was sufferingly beautiful ! While touring together in France (april 2006), thanks to a music contest they both won, they finished this first album of 12 songs... Music for unknown people...Music to make you smile...Music to make you cry..


Songs for unknown people is available on Itunes.

Set List

We usually do an hour concert with about 12 songs...Could be extended or minimized

1- Tears in the morning (Beach Boy cover)
2- French Girls
3- Anna
4- Killing the child
5- Beautiful (it hurts to look at you)
6- Mayflower
7- Exit
8- Story Boy
9- Amsterdam
10- Black Song
11- Dark Princess
12- I've seen it all (Bjork cover)
13- Rise on