Gloria Story

Gloria Story


While often compared to the great bands of yesterday such as the Cure, U2, and the Smiths, Gloria Story has found a way of melding those influences with their own personal motivations, and creating a sound entirely their own.


Born from the ashes of dreams, Gloria Story is a rebirth of sorts, a new vision, a renewed passion. To say that the members of the band are experienced musicians is quite an understatement, these boys were practically born holding instruments. From a young age each of them felt uniquely drawn to music, in a way that most of their peers could not understand.
Lead singer Adam Modzel and lead guitarist Andrew Shawk both hail from the Akron/Canton, OH area. Soon after meeting they began collaborating musically, and their mutual love for artists such as T.Rex, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, and Bob Dylan was unmistakably present in their early coffee shop performances. However their duo soon gave way to a 5 piece band they formed in early 2002 that became their passion for the next 3 ½ years. Although they received much critical acclaim throughout the state of Ohio, the band was not meant to be.
Meanwhile in Columbus, OH a similar scene was playing out in the lives of drummer Steve Ramey, and bass player Paul Krischak. Steve and Paul were lifelong friends who shared a passion for music, each feeling a sense of destiny about it, and experiencing visions that foretold the major part music would play throughout their lives. Needless to say they both possess a hunger and drive to make inspiring music that is rarely found in the many musicians who are really just looking to be celebrities these days. Their love of music, and their unique talent eventually led to the forming of a band in 2001. The band would begin touring throughout Ohio and Ohios bordering states gathering a substantial following until the struggle to find other bandmates as committed and driven as they were eventually did them in. They were then left without a band near the end of 2005.
Having met while their 2 bands shared several stages together, Adam, Andrew, Paul, and Steve felt a kinship with one another as they realized they all shared that same intense love for music. After it was discovered that both bands had called it quits, it was apparent that they should unite, and Steve made the switch from being a lead singer and guitar player, to his more natural position on the drum kit. The band was formed and a name chosen: Gloria Story.
For only playing together a short time you will notice immediately when listening to a Gloria Story song a maturity and depth that is not easily found in todays music scene. You will also more than likely pick up on a restlessness in their music. This restlessness is the kind found only in the souls of men who have found their purpose and know that they have not yet fully lived it. Gloria Story is a part of that purpose for these men. Stick around and you will watch as a destiny unfolds...


2006 - 3 Song Demo - Side One - (Alsaka, Windows, The Quiet Hour)

Set List

Typical set list includes 7 originals and runs 30-35 minutes. This can be adjusted to a set of 9/10 songs and over 45 minutes or reduced to 20 minutes.