Glorious Disorder

Glorious Disorder


By creating a punk-influenced, unique blend of rock and blues, combined with an astonishing live performance, Glorious Disorder is here to make a long-overdue and unforgettable impact on rock and roll.


To say that Glorious Disorder has been a work-in-progress would be an extreme understatement. Singer/Songwriter TY SIN and PASKO (drums), have been writing, arranging, tearing apart, and rewriting songs for roughly one-third the lifespan of an average mountain goat.

After finally parting ways in 2006, the band was reunited and forcefully launched into full-swing by an incredible power, comparable to that of a miracle healer, soon known as CHRIS BURTON.

The summer of 2007 marked the true formation of Glorious Disorder in Toronto, ON, Canada. After only six brief practices, Glorious Disorder hit the studio to record seven demos in eight hours. Throughout 2008, Glorious Disorder has been writing new tunes and working hard in the studio on a debut LP, due to be released summer 2009.

These past couple of years have been known as not only the birth of Glorious Disorder, but also a new era in music. As this band continues to evolve, be prepared for something incredible, groundbreaking, and unstoppable.


-Seven Songs
-Recorded live off the floor at Jungle Funk Productions
-All songs written and performed by Glorious Disorder

Set List

Typical Set List:

1) Lonely Slut
2) End Of The Line
3) Snake Bite
4) Driving To Call You My Baby
5) High On Rabies
6) Dressed Like A Rat
7) Japanese Vending Machine
8) Animal
9) Dance All Over You
11) Money For Love
12) Demons
13) Bad Matter

All original material
Approximate Length: 30-40 minutes