Glory Aesthetic
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Glory Aesthetic

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The Voice of the Lord
The Sunrise
The Powers that Be
Grace Divine



"Aesthetic" This is a word with various meanings. The meaning used here is in reference to art. When an artist (painter, musician, filmmaker, etc.) is said to have an "aesthetic", this is referencing the feeling/style that ties all their work together. The feeling is not specific to one work of art, but to the whole of their works. In this way, their aesthetic transcends the sum of their skills and parts and becomes something new. An aesthetic judgment of art or beauty is something that cannot be fully explained with words or logic; it is intuitive. Although beauty is widely accepted as a culturally influenced perception, it is something that cannot be explained completely. That is why it is said art is a work of the soul; not of the mind. The "Glory Aesthetic" is the idea that ties all of creation together. It is God's aesthetic. From the sunrise to the thunder, God is glorified by His creation. From black holes to newborn babies He is glorified. Why name our band "Glory Aesthetic"? Part of our mission as a band is to convey God's glory to the best of our ability. God is merciful and full of grace and love for us. This aspect of God is the most easy to accept aspect. It is the aspect that the spotlight of the Contemporary Christian music scene likes most to magnify. However, God is also powerful, jealous, glorious, and full of righteous anger. He is the "same yesterday, today, and forever". He is not moody or split apart. He is complete. As Christians, we must worship Him in His entirety; not just one aspect. He is holy in every aspect. He is wonderful in every aspect. He transcends creation and human perception of Him and is something much more glorious. We would like to describe this as the Glory Aesthetic.