Glory Falls

Glory Falls


We're a hard-hitting, face-melting, crowd-pleasing, hardcore band.


Glory Falls is based out of Dothan, AL. They are a five piece band consisting of Chris Eubanks (vocals), Blake Johnson (guitar), Cole Robison (guitar), Brittany McDaniel (bass/vocals), and Grant Robinson (drums). They get the crowd going from start to finish. Whether it's through mosh, or jumping around.

Glory Falls began in the spring of 2006. The in-your-face power-team plays catchy hard rock with a of off tight breaks, heavy guitar riffs, and hard-hitting vocals to match their sound. They back it all up with attitude focusing on the irony of life, egoism, youth, work, ethics, and beyond.

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From False Starts to Pieces demo - 2006
Glory Falls - Nov 2006

Set List

1. From False Starts to Pieces part 1
2. From False Starts to Pieces part 2
3. A Fire For The Masses
4. We'll Never Say Goodbye
5. Passing Side Suicide
6. Ballad of the Squid
7. Out on the Inside