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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Sidewalk Newcomers 2007"

"When I heard the beautiful guitar lines coming out, it took me a minute to realize that there was only one guitarist on stage. Patty's great songs and enthusiasm won the crowd, and myself, over immediately. ... That this young woman is a world class songwriter, performer, and guitarist is very clear - though I'm not sure she knows this yet."

-stephen, - antifolk chameleon


Patty Chung - "Willow Houses" EP (2006)
radio tracks - "Unspoken Brother"
- "Amelia"
(from Willow Houses EP)



Glory Winds is the mouthpiece and music project of 22 yr-old-songwriter Patty Chung. Born and raised in Phoenix, AZ, Patty's musical life began in a small piano lesson studio for kindergartners, and continued throughout adolescence with the acquisition of her first guitar. In a decade of music saturated with alt-rock and boy groups, she found resonance in her subversive predecessors-- riotgrrrls, protest singers, and guitar wizardry of masters such as Joao Gilberto.

At the age of 18, Patty moved to New York City to attend school and there collected many strangely authentic moments with friends, strangers, and other musicmakers. After a brief stint in a songwriting circle, she began receiving local attention, stopping bar chatter and clinking glasses alike with her peculiar songs and unusual adeptness on the guitar.

But it was not until she first visited the Sidewalk Cafe's infamous East Village "antihoot" night that she would soon learn of DIY ethos, and unlearn "rules" of songwriting from the all-inclusive antifolk community. The influence became immediate with the release of EP Willow Houses, and a more interactive stage show involve an audience-as-band approach. In 2007, Patty relocated to L.A. to find a new niche.

The sudden isolation, disconnect with her peers, and further discovery of lo-fi subculture led to 8-track EP "3/3 Time (And Other Foolish Notions". With a modest recording setup--as well as the inception of Oddball Rolling, her own mail order indie label-- Glory Winds is an imaginative conduit through which Patty experiments with lo-fi craftsmanship, songwriting rebellion, politics, and the half-imagined.