G. Louis

G. Louis


Sexy, Pop, Acoustic with super tight jazz guitar riffs. Intelligent lyrics that breath, with songs that you remember.


Gary Louis Meglino, aka, Gary Louis, grew up in Ardsley NY. A Westchester suburb 19 miles north of NYC. A multi instrumentalist whose primary gigs center around his strong vocal abilities and, lock tight jazz guitar. But of all talents, it is for certain, the prophetic style of lyrical mastery that pulls us in, meaningful metaphors abounding. His earliest musical influences were varied, from Joni Mitchell to the Temptations and literally everyone in between. Louis has been said to have a "radio friendly" voice, whose range and beauty have led him to sing and play with some of the best musicians in Westchester and NYC. By January of 2008 Louis had begun cultivating his own brand of pop acoustic funk. The powerful, bourbon drinking, "Big Game" is a take charge, get your ass up, standout single. On the easier side of the spectrum, the soulfully detailed compositions of, "Though a Smile", an up beat Dylan like treasure, and, "Blocking the Sun" a one track masterpiece recording filled with emotions from way down deep, this track has cemented Louis in the "here to stay" category. His local following is growing organically through word of mouth and e-mail. G. Louis, and his audience, exist together as one, to create a universal message of feel good vibrations that is apparently contagious


Blocking the Sun

Written By: G. Louis

Well I thought the sun might come out today but as usual I got in the way again, hmm hmm
You see I've been down here many times before, more than twice I been on the floor, yeah, yeah, hmm, hmm, hmm.
Well I talk about it baby, and I miss it when its gone gone all gone, but you know me baby, I've been without it far too long, been blocking the sun, been blocking the sun blocking the sun.
Playing the victim gets easy to do when you believe the lies soon they become true yeah, yeah, here it comes again don't let it get away be in the moment its easier that way yeah yeah, yeah yeah, well I talk about it baby, and I miss it when its gone gone all gone, but you know me baby, I've been without it far too long, been blocking the sun, blocking the sun blocking the sun yeah.

Big Game

Written By: G. Louis

I am kickin it off I am gonna get right back I am gonna steal the show your gonna love my act oh yeah.
Gonna paint it red gonna shout it loud gonna clean it up gonna walk real proud oh yeah.
Singing its all in the Big Game, I am taking my time in the fasy lane, I am not looking back no no fr the small change, I am brining it all to the Big Game, yeah
Well Iam on myown I am gonna make my way Iam gonna run the show Iam gonna save the day, turn a hose of truth on humanity gonna shower them all with some dignity, oh yeah.
Singing its all in the Big Game

Here we go Again

Written By: G. Louis

You being you and me being me
baby thats the way its supposed to be, there is no right, there is no wrong, so why does it have to be all gone, yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah awww.
Here we go again, here we go again hmm why can't we be friends, why can't we be friends, cause we're here and now and thats all that matters, no need to be so far away, just take a chance and let it happen so in your heart I can always stay cause ya got to live your life, said you've got to live your life. You can find what you want if you look deep inside just take one step of courage don't you leave it behind, one can go where one chooses at least thats what they say with a chance for tomorrow if you see it that way.
Here we go again, here we go again.


CD Title: "Blocking the Sun"