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Grab your pill box and your bottle of vintage (or at least that’s what you’re telling your fellow partiers) red wine. Rejoice it’s a party! Glovebox is here to pump new life into electro pop forging music to party with and all of this from down under in Australia. Occasionally hitting on the New Wave styles like with the robotic voice on album opener “Superstar” and the electronic beats prevalent throughout the entire self-titled affair, Glovebox makes singer Mishka sound like the female version of Thomas Dolby. Each song is incredibly catchy to the point of being plain infectious; with tracks this delightful and radio-friendly it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Glovebox is soon to be known as Australia’s best export.

- Smother Magazine

"A Bold Type of Change"

Experimenting with her computer helped singer Mishkas find inspiration for more than just an album cover. By the time the Queensland born St Kilda based singer had finished scrolling through the typefaces on offer, she had renamed her band. "We got it from the fonts," Mishka explained, when asked how the Melbourne foursome came up with Glovebox. "There's a font called Glovebox on Photoshop. So that's where we got it - from the computer. "(The font itself) is a bit too squiggly for us, but we loved the name." Formerly the Positronics, Glovebox was initally made up of Mishka & friend and composer Grainger Lock. Both from Brisbane, the duo honed its skills in London. But even though Mishka describes Glovebox'x sound as "so Brit-Euro it's not funny", the going was tough in the UK. "As an Australian musician it was pretty hard," she said. "I went for a few auditions and stuff, but it is tough over there." Fast-forward seven years, and that statement no longer holds true. For starters they have been developing their "electrorganic rocktronic, poptronic - all the tronics" sound in Victoria. Glovebox also gained two more members, guitarist Morris Esposito and drummer Peter Cottier, as well as international acclaim. Last month they won the "Best New Hot Adult Contemporary Group" category at the New Music Weekly Awards in LA. There they shared the billing with the likes of Gwen Stefani, Rob Thomas, Maroon 5 and The Black Eyed Peas. "I want the world to hear what we do," she said. * Glovebox will play The East, Lygon St East Brunswick, tomorrow - Evonne Barry - MX - Melbourne Based Newspaper

"Gloves are OFF"

Winners of the USA New Music Weekly’s Best New Group, Rocktronic five piece groovers GLOVEBOX have started their ground assault on OZ.

Melbourne based, GLOVEBOX have built a solid reputation and following in a surprisingly short amount of time since appearing on the local music scene in 2005. Achieving American radio chart success with 2 singles off their self-titled debut album the band recently returned from a national tour of the USA where they performed with the likes of “Youth Group” and “Climber”. The tour spanned over 20 states in 6 weeks and has well and truly launched GLOVEBOX onto the world stage.

GLOVEBOX know how to entertain with their music. They engage their audience with a larger than life performance, no matter what the size of the venue.
- Inpress Magazine

"Magnetic & Captivating"

The most MAGNETIC & captivating act in town - GLOVEBOX will rock the socks off with their crossover sound of ELECTRORGANIC super POP to form a collage of different sonic textures beats and grooves layered under the distinct unusual voice of MISHKA. - The Melbourne Star


HEADED up by Hungarian/Cyprian Singer, Mishka, the Glovebox music blend has been described As “magnetic & captivating”. Their crossover act utilises electro-organic super pop with sonic Textured grooves and beats. Mishka’s lyrics stem from real life
experiences giving the music depth and meaning while still maintaining elements of fun. Influences include everything from Billy Holiday to Aphex Twin. Glovebox’s current single, In the End sits at no 3
on the USA Indie Charts. Live at Salon Kitty 399A High St, Northcote
Friday Sept 2 Details: 0405 092 773 - B NEWS


Think Macy Gray fronting a techno band. This Australian band sounds
like a funky disco band from the seventies with a beatbox at times and a polished Mariah Carey production at others. “Superstar” is about as much fun as you can have without cracking up at the stupid dance moves it evokes. “Flying Free” takes a trip into Madonna style dance hit
territory. Other songs worthy of a special mention are “The Girl I
Love (Black & White Mix)”, “Serendipity”, “The Human Condition” and “$10 Whore”. If dance mixes are your thing then Glovebox has your number.
- Ear Candy Magazine


Electropop sensation GloveboX is well known in their native Australia, and with their debut album, the group is bringing what they call “electrorganic” music to America. The sound has the drive and pulse of dance music without the monotony that often plagues DJ-produced house, drum and bass, or down-tempo music. GloveboX is ready for the dance floor but unafraid to experiment with structure and melody. From Baria Records ( Info: —Preview: Troy Carrington


GLOVEBOX – GLOVEBOX: Glovebox aptly describes their music as "electroganic super pop". Glovebox is their self-titled debut featuring twelve eclectic originals and a remix. Their songs are diverse, melding electronic loops with live guitars and rhythms. Glovebox's sound is a mix of modern production with retro dance beats. Their chord structures are brash and Mishka is a skilled, versatile vocalist. 'In The End' is memorable with its danceable pulse, sound effects, varied vocals and a catchy chorus. '$10 Whore' opens with dark, dramatic keys before quickly kicking up the pace. Mishka sort of talks the storyline into the soaring refrain with singing, echoes and long held notes. The keys return with programmed effects to add density to the song. It is followed by the addictive 'Flying Free', which is heavy on mixed rhythms layered over a funky 70's groove and a captivating refrain. Glovebox is a bold, innovative band and their debut release is a perfect fit for any dance party!
• Recommended Tracks: (2,10,11) [AUSTRALIA 2005 - web] (2006 Review by Laura Turner Lynch for


"Nashville Scene"


GLOVEBOX When dance music gets it right, it does what its name implies by actually making you wanna shake it. Electropop outfit Glovebox deliver the goods with accessible beats made for workin’ it and lyrics ripe for sing-alongs. Most tracks on the band’s self-titled debut (some of which are already chart-toppers in their native Australia) are slick and instantly danceable, largely due to the band’s skillful application of a ’70s disco sensibility to modern electronic pop. (Hello, car commercials.) On the lead track, “Superstar,” singer Mishka and composer Grainger Lock get the beats right—and their priorities. “When the memory’s gone, way over the hill / And I can’t even recall who the hell you are,” Mishka belts, putting on her best cyborg Macy Gray over an infectious groove. “You’ll be sitting alone, about to swallow a pill / I’ll be off making love to a superstar.” The Basement –TRACY MOORE - May 2006


“Superstar” has been included on Much Music! Much Music is the gold standard for music video channels in Canada, as well as parts of the United States. It airs 24/7 on cable and reaches 30 million potential viewers. The video has been added to extremely popular indie show The Wedge.

The most exciting news to report is that three of the largest multi-market/multi-regional video outlets in the country are airing the Glovebox “Superstar" video! The incredibly important Power Play Music TV with 17.8 million potential viewers across the US in 40 states has included the clip to their video playlist, along with Rhythms on the Rockside with 25 million potential viewers in 14 markets, and VidDream with 2.3 million potential viewers in Delaware, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Bucks County, PA, and parts of New Jersey. These are highly regarded regional video shows, and are often the trend setters among video programmers. The Video On Demand Network, Havoc TV has also scheduled the video for the month of April. This will lead to tons of exposure since Havoc is seen in 15 million homes on Comcast, Time Warner, Adelphia Cable!

More great multi-market outlets that are airing the “Superstar” clip include Video Jam in Worcester, MA has also included the clip in their video programming which is seen by 2.5 million potential viewers in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, Georgia, and all of Southern California. The largest video show in the Midwest, JBTV, is also airing the clip to their 5 million loyal viewers. The nationally syndicated Make It Or Break It has also included the clip to their viewer determined playlist.

Some terrific regional video shows airing the “Superstar” video include Video Hits out of Rochester, NY with 800,000 potential viewers; R n R TV in Baltimore with 500,000 potential viewers; Unheard TV in Orange Park, FL airing in 550,000 households; the indie rock friendly Channel Zero out of Atlanta, GA with 150,000 potential viewers; Spark! Music Entertainment in Denver, CO with over 600,000 households in four markets; Attack of the Boogie out of Chicago with 3 million potential viewers; Playing @ a Theatre Near You in Armada, MI with 250,000 potential viewers; Notes From The Underground in LA with a loyal following of 1.4 million viewers; SPC-TV out of Southern Illinois University with 5,000 eager college students; 360 TV in Rock Island, IL with a potential reach of 580,000 households; Bohemia Visual Music out of Tempe, AZ with 1.9 million potential viewers; and YTV in New Haven, CT which reaches 5,000 students all across Yale University’s campus.

A strong Internet presence is invaluable to any music video campaign nowadays. We are happy to report that five Internet content sites have added the “Superstar” video to their online directories. Roxwel have added the video to their Internet library, along with Roadrunner, which can be seen by up to 3 million viewers per broadcast, Mania TV with over 2 million visitors per month and eaTV, which now has over 100,000 households tuning in every month! Last, but certainly not least, has added the “Pray For Me” video to their own site, which averages 3.5 million unique viewers per month and is listed in the top 15 of online music video directories. This website also services their videos to,, and Now Glovebox are available to fans worldwide 24/7!

Retail pools are a huge part of any video campaign, leading to millions of impressions daily. With Glovebox’s inclusion on the ScreenPlay DVD reel, “Superstar” will have major impact everyday in retail outlets, restaurants, and nightlife locations coast to coast! Some of the clubs have also begun to come on board spinning the Glovebox clip including the infamous 9:30 Club in DC which has added the video to their regular rotation.

We are proud to tell you that “Superstar” has been added to the On Demand channel Music Choice, which is seen all across the country via Comcast Cable. This is a very big add, with the channel having a very large and loyal viewership.

Some excellent regional video outlets that have added “Superstar” include In Rage TV! in Tampa, FL, which reaches 250,000 potential viewers on cable. This is the most popular show of it’s kind in Florida. We’ve also received the good news that DUTV/Video Vault in Philadelphia, PA has also given their support to Glovebox. Video Vault reaches 350,000 potential viewers on Comcast and other cable servers in the Philly area. We are also very excited to tell you that Video Diversity, which is based out of Omaha, NE and reaches 575,000 potential viewers on Cox cable is also airing the “Superstar” video.

More great regional shows that have added “Superstar” include Jungle TV, based out of Stuart, FL, which reaches 110,000 potential viewers on cable; and Frequency in Ithaca, NY, which reaches 75,000 potential viewers on cable and closed circuit television. Frequency is - HIP


Glovebox's - Self Titled Album - song "IN THE END" played on college radio & won the USA New Music Weekly Awards "Best New Hot AC Band" in November 2005. Superstar Film Clip released March 2006 & being constanly played on Logo in the USA & MTV in USA Latino. Just recently announced, Glovebox's song "Warmin' Up" was heard on the USA's latest hit show "DIRT" featuring Courtney Cox - Episode 4 February 2007. "Superstar" was featured on Australia's own 2 part mini series of "Wine Me Dine Me" on 13 April 2007. Glovebox's self titled album can be purchased by going to Glovebox has just also released their EP "Beats of the City" (Self released) Can be purchased by going to a gig or contacting



Glovebox, electro orgasmic rock, birthed from 80's melody and sonic future, are dancing their unique blend of organic beats all around Australia and the United States!

Managed by Lisa Galante Music Management, Glovebox have toured the USA through 15 States, including New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles & Washington D.C after their chart topping success as Number #1 on the STS AC Main College Charts (USA) and their award for the "Best New Hot AC Band of the Year", in the NEW MUSIC WEEKLY AWARDS, (Hollywood, USA) in 2005/2006.

On their return to Australia, Glovebox have played numerous high profile events including the opening of Feast Festival in Adelaide (2006), opening of Midsumma Festival in Melbourne (2007) & the opening of Girl Fest in the Gold Coast (2007). In December 2007, Glovebox were the runner ups in the International Emergenza competition held in Melbourne, Australia.

Originally formed in London, by Aussies Mishka (Vocals) and writing partner Grainger (Keys), Glovebox's music is a blend of 80's glam, modern beats, and a heaping tonne of electro fun, which carries onto stage in their live performances. Mishka & Grainger were joined by Morris on Guitar, Sair on drums & Mr Booth on Bass, Glovebox fused into one unit, incorporate years of experience creating, refining and perfecting sound.

Enough talk, proof is in the pudding. Get a taste of Glovebox's Aussie electro! Click the links to listen to tracks, flick the switch to view their latest film clip, take to your rig to see a gig, whatever, enjoy the music, join the ride!