Glowbugg mixes alt-rock, alt-folk, jazz, psychedelic, electronic, grunge & spoken word into its songs. Glowbugg’s music has received national recognition in November 2003 from music software company Antares for innovative use of their new music software products. In January 2004, Glowbugg’s music was recognized again internationally by RPM Publishing as a unique and quality emerging recording artist among many now writing and recording. In November 2004, Loud Dust Recordings released Glowbugg’s most recent CD entitled “Feet In The Clouds”. For more information about Glowbugg visit


Saddle Mountain

Written By: Glowbugg

on legs of freedom and power
riding into and out of the world
like the wind and the sea
have once been on Saddle Mountain

like the horse brings new journeys
or pulls the sun down to ground
nudging away the crowds clouded
and now carrying each king
to sing from the peak of Saddle Mountain

distances between peoples are great
but energy is expansive
the multiplying life is brought close
to the top of the rocks and the waters
of Saddle Mountain

The Rotating Soul

Written By: Glowbugg

Shouting through the globe
With their vacationing ways
Using shaman drawn ancient maps
A flash off the hand gets it all erased

Because I live in deep breathes of this mountain
My bare knees and arms in the breeze
Because I feel the cold of space forever its grin
Spinning round the spirit
will that spills the sun on this place

It’s a hard weather rolling off
The cold ground that surrounds this town
It’s a good hiding winter mountain
Trail stepping lost in soul’s time
for a path found

just enough rescuing swiftness lifting this child
from the presence of thoughts ruling the fray

Take apart the energies in the words
Catching attention with excitement
burning away your inner worth
Truth warms those that barely flicker
Like nature slowly creeping towards phenomena

Dreaming a scene like one lived
but never to believe it seen
This rotation of souls seeing fears that lie
In all that living light in you and me

Just enough time to reach hands that move
towards love gathering at the end of the day

a meal as far as this displacement from home
all the madness comes trickling down
an everlasting laugh
tends to a shake in the bones
on the edge of your eyes a wind of a smile
that rings all bells

Sleeping in the woods I dreamed I was free
In this rotating soul that plays in the trees