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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Woven Web of Gold"


“A loose & free Keith Richards interesting mix between Bob Dylan/Bruce Springsteen and Keith Richards...the more predominant being Richards. The acoustic guitar offers a nice and playful dance-about to the music. For instance, the lyrics of “Saddle Mountain” are descriptive and succeed in creating the image of “Saddle Mountain”. The arrangements have a sound that is free.”

Julio Ortiz, lead vocalist and guitarist for rock/blues/folk/reggae band: THE ETHICS
El Paso, Texas

“Unique with an unusual arrangement….acoustic guitar acts almost as a bass with dual note at times…the overall effect is totally unique (to me) and sounds classical/spanish. The lyrics sound thoughtful and introspective but they are still bright and original in content and structure. The arrangement holds the ear firstly because of the lack of rigid structure of the lyrics. The song is also interesting because of the different parts being played, for example the slide/pedal steel guitar and low and higher pitched vocal.”

Rob Tyler, guitarist and vocalist for contempory acoustic folk/blues duo: STAGE UK

Birmingham, West Midlands, UK

“Great playing…… the arrangement is interesting”

Jody Garner (folk/acoustic singer-songwriter)

Tyler, Texas

“Woven web of gold - prime example of total commitment and achievement from all players in a song - beautiful weave - great feeling and vibe. This is synergy - brilliant”

PopiKoK (alternative rock band)

North Hollywood, California

“Interesting guitars - very eclectic guitar parts - vocal tone and performance works really well with the rest of the arrangement. Really like it. But it's more than just a song, the repeating guitar part is sort of like a mantra, and after a while it feels like a meditative state - very, very well done.”

Lead vocalist, keyboardist & songwriter for Shaimus (alternative pop/rock band)

Boston, Massachusetts

“The usage of voices as instruments is interesting and original.
The vocals sound a bit like Bob Dylan backed up by a Beatle-ish choir.”

Past Perfect (pop rock band)

Hamburg, Germany

“This is the most interesting song I've heard in awhile, because of the arrangement. There are so many cool things going on, I really like it alot. The guitar work is most unusual and I have a feeling that it could grow on me. Lyrics are so good.”

Lisa Kelly (folk singer-songwriter/performer)

La Honda, California

“It will be appreciated by musicians - the instrument arrangement is pretty complex - the overlay of the occasional steel guitar and hammered high shredding gives it an interesting texture and the lyrics seem enchanting. The guitar is well-played, good attack and muting is evident- very precise. A cool, little tune that’s definitely avoiding the usual mainstream fare”

Americanrockstar (alternative / modern rock band)

Cleveland, Ohio


“Nice sound - the intro is lively and the sound is cool - the sound is somewhat jazzy and different. The things that are happening in this song are very original and the vocals are a trip”

The Cosmic String (alternative rock band)

Dallas, Texas

“It’s clear to me that the band has a lot of talent and that left me interested in finding out more about them”

Peter Flickinger, lead vocalist & guitarist for rock band No Longer Micah

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“Good effort …I applaud your attempt to do something interesting - it worked … There's a pretty cool sound here, and a nice psychedelic yet jazzy feel. I can appreciate what you're trying to do here”

Social Studies (rock band)

Philadelphia, PA

“The beat is very interesting. The guitars are good too & good drums”

Bustmont (Ambient/Jam-band)

Perkasie, PA

“Pretty thick sound - the guitars are cool, sort of shred - good thick drum sound & well produced. Good job tying so many parts together so thickly - the piano is really minimal amidst everything and sounds good. The vocals everywhere are done pretty well too.”

The Fastest Steed On Earth (instrumental rock band)

Columbia, South Carolina

“They’ve made a daring arena where many great songs are birthed - a track to watch & a band for more brilliance to come. The guitars sound like a horn section. They are brilliant everywhere. I love the feel (mood) of the track and it definitely takes you for the ride. They take on the difficult task of making an arrangement of musical chaos sound simple and totally under control. This track has all the pieces and it will go to another level. And it will be in a league of it's own.”
Michael Satro, songwriter & lead vocalist for rock band, POPIKOK
North Hollywood, California

“Sounds like Afghan Whigs - this is a really cool song. I hear some Soul influence. You have a very original sound.”
Chris Hernandez, guitarist & vocalist for CERTAIN STARS, CUDAHYMUSIC & FIERCELY ME
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“Interesting sound - I like the way th -


Still working on that hot first release.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Glowbugg mixes alt-rock, alt-folk, jazz, psychedelic, electronic, grunge & spoken word into its songs. Glowbugg’s music has received national recognition in November 2003 from music software company Antares for innovative use of their new music software products. In January 2004, Glowbugg’s music was recognized again internationally by RPM Publishing as a unique and quality emerging recording artist among many now writing and recording. In November 2004, Loud Dust Recordings released Glowbugg’s most recent CD entitled “Feet In The Clouds”. For more information about Glowbugg visit