Glynyss Cobb Band

Glynyss Cobb Band

 Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, USA
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Glynyss Cobb is a jam band / rock band playing their own style.. Drawing from the diverse influences of the 4 members they channel the likes of; Gov't Mule, Miles Davis, Jacko Pastoi, The Rolling Stones, Gratefulll Dead, The Allman Brothers, Led Zeplin, Stevie Ray Vaugn, & Jimi Hendrix, to name but a few. Their sound is their own and live performances feature long jams and lots of improv. Fans are treated to diverse and ever evolving versions of songs. Not afraid to try new tunes live and on the


Jim Keegan has played with many local NJ bands over the years as well as backed such national acts as Nick Clemmens. His blazing guitar mixes the best of rock, country, blues , with a healthy influx of his own. Jim & Lew have opened for blues great Walter Trout.

Lew Levy is a 25 + year veteran of the NJ music scene a tenacious guitarist who loves to improvise and with Jim and the boys likes taking the music to the next level. Lew has opened for The Marshall Tucker Band and Walter Trout.

Drummer, Leo LaBarge is a percussion teacher and jazz oriented drummer who's style adds the spice to the rock/ blues/ jam band style of the group.

Peter Roberts bass adds the thump and melodic driving bass that keeps people on their feet at a GCB show, a musician of many years


Right now you can listen to some Glynyss Cobb jams @ myspace\lew levy.
1. Superstition
2. Thrill Is Gone
3. Cross Roads
4. Sympathy For The Devil
5. Politician
6. HAng On Sloopy
7. Chameleon
9. Smoke On THe Water (A jazzy type thing we fooled with)