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Raleigh, NC | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | INDIE

Raleigh, NC | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2012
Solo Hip Hop




"Who Is Gmack The Bandman"

BET weekend has long long come and gone but sometimes, connections made during those #MediaStop events, yield some great discoveries. One such connection led to our introduction to Gmack The Bandman. One of the legitimate sons of the street, Gmack has the resonance in his voice and lyrics which leave absolutely no doubt he’s lived what he speaks.

Rap is full of talk about what folks have and what they don’t, where they came from and where they’re at now…just entertainment right? hmm. It’s different when you listen to someone who has smelled the smoke and got the t-shirt though…there are some names I could jot down here but why…real recognize real right? Right, so I don’t have to name names. Suffice it to say Gmack is one of those voices…Get some Gmack in ya life here.

Who is Gmack? I’ll let him tell you:

Born April 11, 1989 and raised in the streets of Raleigh N.C, I was in and out of jail and prison for drug charges. So yea I used to be a dope boy! I was shot at the age of 19 and my life was almost taken away! I stayed in the hospital for a month and in a coma for 3 days, lost 1 kidney but survived! I'm now signed to Money Over Death Records rapping about life in the past, Trap *ish, Club *ish, Gangsta *ish, and hits for my females as well.

I always had the talent to rap every since I was little till now. I was just to busy in the streets and never took the time out to try any other activity besides selling drugs until I ran into a guy by the name of HERUKHUTI AUSAR who put me in a studio and now all I do is Rap…Started from the trap now I Rap!

Shout Out to Money Over Death Records!! Much Love and Respect from Gmack The Bandman…

Editorial Note: Folks think indie labels can’t get it in on a major scale…check out Gmack and the Money Over Death Records’ BET Awards 2014, “Grindin” single premiere at La Supperclub Ft. Love and Hip Hop Hollywood’s Sincere Show. - The Hype Magazine

"New Video: Gmack The Bandman - Stop Snitchin' Ft. Kevin Gates"

Brand new video from Gmack The Bandman featuring Kevin Gates "Stop Snitchin'" This joint is all the way serious, lyrically and sonically, great match with these two voices/minds and we've got maybe the joint of the year for the streets...who knows.

Overall Rating: 4/5 True to life lyrics, well laid out, great sound and overall musicality...the video is top notch.

Gmack The Bandman has been steadily climbing the ranks and getting some much deserved shine...This joint right here proves why he belongs where he is right now...he's becoming elite.

Get Social:

Twitter: @GmackAkaBandman

IG: GmackTheBandman

Official Website: - The Hype Magazine

"Video: Gmack The Bandman Ft. Kevin Gates - Stop Snitchin'"

With ‘snitching‘ at such an all time high, Money Over Death Records, Gmack the Bandman, proves to be right on time, with this new single ‘Stop Snitchin‘, produced by Leviticus Black. The North Carolina native, living in California presently, just linked up with Baton Rouge rapper, Kevin Gates, for this single to be featured on his upcoming project. The two southern rappers talk about legal system issues, and the disloyal relationships that come attached to the street life. Gmack even gets into some trouble in this visual, ending up behind bars. Check out the video, written and produced by #MOD C.E.O. Herukhuti Ausar. Video shot by JH Films.


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"What Does NC’s Gmack Da Bandman & Kevin Gates Have In Common?"

Gladly, we won’t jump to any “too soon” conclusions, but from the looks of things, Raleigh, NC’s GMack Da Bandman, along with Money Over Death Records, have some pretty important things cooking up for 2015. These things are including new music collaborations with Louisiana’s very own Kevin Gates. Now, GMack Da Bandman just touched down after serving his time to authorities, and he’s ready to bust through the doors of the rap game with lightening speed.

While GMack represents NC, the talented rapper is over on the west coast working under his label. Here is another photo of GMack and Kevin Gates in the studio, along with label owner Herukhuti of Money Over Death Records. The buzz is that Gmack will be dropping ‘No Snitching’ produced by Leviticus Black ft. Kevin Gates pretty soon.

Just recently the young rap veteran, posted a picture with the reputable lyrical monster Kevin Gates, and dropped hints on his Facebook page. Go ahead and download GMacks’s most recent single ‘Grindin‘ HERE. Follow @GmackakaBandman via Twitter to stay tuned to his next move. - Kara Khaotic

"G Mack the Bandman talks North Carolina rap and working with Kevin Gates"

G Mack the Bandman is an up-and-coming emcee who hails from North Carolina. With over 100,000 views on WorldStarHipHop for his Kevin Gates-featured single, “Stop Snitching,” G Mack is consistently maintaing a buzz in the streets.

He recently spoke to rolling out about these things and more.

What is the hip-hop scene like in North Carolina?

Right now in North Carolina, [there are] a lot of artists coming up in certain areas, but I think [there] needs to be a lot more people coming together because there’s a lot of hatred and jealousy out there. A lot of people don’t support [one another] the way they’re supposed to be supporting each other.

Your single, “Stop Snitching” with Kevin Gates, has over 100,000 views on WorldStarHipHop. How did you end up collaborating with him?

Actually, I wrote the song when I was incarcarated. My manager got me connected with Kevin and he was feeling the record, so we did a feature.

Has moving from North Carolina to California had any influence on your music?

Definitely, because everybody looked at it as a big change for me and my music. Where I’m from, some people will never leave because they’re so used to being in the ‘hood, so I’m just happy to be doing different things at this point. - Rolling Out Magazine


Still working on that hot first release.



Born April 11, 1989 and raised in the streets of Raleigh N.C., Donnell Cannady aka Gmack the Bandman started out early on a path of street destruction, entering a revolving door - in and out of North Carolina state prisons.

At 19, the peak of Gmack's teen life, his life was almost taken away. Losing one kidney, and laying helpless in a coma for 3 days - the young gifted rapper wasn't expected to make it. With a higher power's say so - Gmack survived his gun wounds and was later signed to Money Over Death Records in Los Angeles, California. His past life only lives through his music, while Gmack focuses on changing his life for the better with his music career.

In October 2012, he performed for the first time at the world famous Whisky A Go Go nightclub on Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, California. And in January of 2013, he performed at the Observatory in Santa Ana, California in front of a sold out crowd of close to 1,000 people. He has opened up for artists such as Rass Kass, E-40 and Too Short to name a few.

It was an honor two years later on May 6, 2015, for Gmack to perform once again to an almost sold out show Live with E-40 at the Observatory in Santa Ana, California.

Currently to date, Gmack The Bandman works diligently in the studio - while his recently released single 'Stop Snitchin' featuring Louisiana's Kevin Gates gets worked into clubs and DJ booths across the country.

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