G Major

G Major

 Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., USA

The name, "GMajor" says it all. His soft, high-octave vocals over soulful R&B melodic tones makes for an endulging adult experience. Unsupressed by his natural talent for baby-making music, he loves club banging hits and likens his artistry to Jamie Foxx, Usher, with a little Brian McKnight and Kem.


George "Gee" Dawson, III started taking piano and voice lessons at the age of five singing with junior and young adult choirs while also performing with his family Gospel group "The Dawson’s". Gee found his niche as the key writer, arranger, and producer of the group's album and continued through school bands and church choirs. Beyond his musical family up-bringing, Gee's personal instrumental and artistic evolution continued to be influenced by artists such as The Staple Singers, The Isley Brothers, Surface, and Prince. His career with music began at the Washington, DC Duke Ellington School of the Arts; taking courses in voice, drama & dance and touring with the academy's Show and Concert Choirs. Advancing his study at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA., Gee learned that after a year of theory, his love for arranging and performing would spark the birth of the R&B artist, "GMajor".

Over the years, GMajor has had the privilege of working with many talented arrangers and mixers in recording studios in the Washington D.C. area collaborating with various underground artists and producers. The last eight years he has been recording out of his family's recording studio with over 100 songs in his repertoire; performing a few of his R&B tracks in DC, Baltimore and NYC venues from Zanzibar and Blue's Alley to Club 347 and Dinosaur's. After a short break from music to focus on family, GMajor reemerged on the scene, performing as lead vocalist with the New Experience Band and signing with Skyline Records in 2011. While advancing his professional artistry, he continues to share his gifts and talents with the community - heading the Production Workshop at the Dawson Youth Community Workshop providing some of DC's most talented artists in with writing, arranging, producing and recording music for them. He is currently working on his sophomore solo CD slated for release in Winter 2013.


album -LP
G'Major-RSVP Volume 1

G'Major- "1 sharp no flats"