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Gee-Spot Productions Inc.,GFunk Entertainment:Diverse Musicians & Singers Recording Artist,Record Producer,Recording Engineer,Sound Designer,Song Writer,Bassist,Music Arranger,Instrumentalist.


The GMAN's Electric Bass Guitar Style is a throw-back to The Legendary Bassist Stanley Clark,Played with the passion of Stevie Ray Vaughan,All intertwined with Jazz,R&B,Funk and Rock Elements.

Born Gerald L. Smith Sept. 2, 1960 in Newark, New Jersey, was given a radio at age 4 from his Mother,(An accomplished Gospel & Jazz Pianist) and by the age of 12 he began playing electric guitar,jammin with neighborhood friends til the age of 14. At this age he was given the opportunity to work stage crew for the groups: Earth,Wind & Fire,Ramsey Lewis, and The Emotions at Newark Schools Stadium in the summer of 1974.
This was the juice that sweetened the taste of music for GMAN and for the love of the Bass Guitar. He began playing this instrument throughout his High School years, Performing on local Talent Shows,Colleges,Spring & Summer Concerts,and Festivals, His love for R&B, Funk, and Rock was evident.
Then at the age of 17 his Father,(A lover of Jazz & Funk) introduced him to one of his close friends, A stocky-built,long haired Bassist,with short stubby fingers and clawed like hands from North Newark,New Jersey named:William "EARL" Martin.

Playing the sounds of Stanley Clarke and Stanley's group: "Return To Forever" on his Sunburst color Fender Jazz Bass. Once GMAN heard this cat played...GMAN made a vow to learn to play like him. This in turn brought on the love for jazz.
By age 18 GMAN turned semi-pro and his Father bought him his first Professional Bass Guitar, A Gibson "RIPPER" Bass Guitar and GMAN started recording with various local Bands in various local recording studuios. At age 20 GMAN met local group Guitarist: Richard "RICKY" Miller and Richard's Best friends;Gene "O" Thomas and brother Keith Thomas. Gene & Keith's Father Grady "Grade A " Thomas is an original member of Parliment/Funkadelic. This sparked the PFunk style in GMAN and spawned an array of groups:-
Natural Force, U.niversal S.tructual Beat,The Electric Connection,Shade 2, Qaddara, J.A.G.,Unfinished Business to name a few.

At the age of 30, GMAN took his talents to the next level, he had his hands already in producing,However, Hip-Hop was there waiting to take flight. He began Producing some Hip-Hop talents in the local areas of New Jersey, Artist: "BabyGirl",(Signed to Perfect Pair Records in 1992) GMAN also had a cameo appearance in The "BabyGirl Stompin" video directed by "RON' of
"Ready or Not Productions Inc."(NYC). GMAN also recorded Battle Rhymes on his 4-8 track home recording studio (Pre Production) for "Poppa Bear",(1992-93 Hip-Hop Seminar World Champion) . In 1999 GMAN appeared as a "Panel Judge" at the 20th Annual Rap Masters Competitions held at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center,(NJPAC)and returned to NJPAC in 2000 as "Bassist" for Folk/R&B Singer: "Chinua Hawk" at the "Summer Jazz Concert Series". In 2003 GMAN appeared "In Concert" at The Cultural Realism Vision Center" in Darlington South Carolina with Host dj "Bhakti Larry Hough from radio station 94.3 ,(Magic 94)"
In 2003-04 GMAN Reached No.1 on in Australia for his GMAN:THE JAZZMAN Vol.1&2 CD
2005 No.1 song in the "Jazz Fusion" category on song: "Mr.Homberg Man" from the GMAN:THE JAZZMAN Vol.1 CD and Reached among the "Top 10 Jazz Songs" on in The United Kingdom. In 2006 GMAN and his Jazz Band performed in an outdoor Concert for Orange Township's "Pre-Independence Day Jazz Festival" with an all-Star line up and 2007 GMAN Sound Engineered in concert for Legendary Artists "The Legendary Blue Notes" and "Melba Moore" While online reaching The "Top 40 Smooth Jazz Songs" at .
GMAN knew at this point, music, like Hip-Hop is the way of life and Soul Voice of his musical projections. Along the way GMAN has worked with countless Artist, Song Writers, Producers,Musicians, and Audio Engineers.

GMAN is the cousin of the successful Movie Actor: Centry "Akili" Prince. Here are a few of his credits as follows: He is the Originator of the role "Terrence" on the soap opera "All My Children"
on Television Network:ABC, in 1992,He was a featured character in The Motion Picture: "Die Hard III", with "Bruce Willis". He was "Tipi" in "Porgie & Bess",Road Company,1980-81,He was also Lead Character in "Runaways" Televised on Network PBS
He was also featured on "The Cosby Show" in the segment: "For Men Only", and in the mid 80's he was "Little Richie" on "Pryor's Place".

GMAN has worked with such Artist:
GhostFace-Killah,,Raekwon,Cappadonna,(members of Wu-Tang Clan). Storm,(Purfek Storm Productions Inc./G-Unit member), Omega, Mafia: Tha Haitian Sicilian,HardHittin Harry,(Meridian Entertainment &
members of the Legendary "Fugees"), Singer/Actress Elain B. Lockler,Kenny & Sabrina Johnston,(PerfectPair Records), Hip-Hop Recording Artist "Fierce",(WrekHouse Wrekords),Hip-Hop/Reggae Artist "Rayvon"(Bigyard Records), Dave "SQUIGGY" Biglin,(works with Art Garfunkel,The Tonight Sh


Mr.Homberg Man

Written By: Trina L. Williams,Gerald L. Smith

Intro.- Scat vocals(Female)

Hey Mr.Homburg Man,I'm glad we meet again.Mr.Homburg Man can we be more than friends,(Repeat).


It was like a dream,when he walked into the room. My Heart was filled with gloom. I saw him when I sang in a smoked filled room
with the dimmed lights and a full moon.

(Female-Smooth Talk to Mr.Homburg Man):
"I looked for you that night, you were sitting further to the right. I was finished on stage and although I was decided to stay"...

Wooo,Ooo,Ooo, Mr.Homburg Man, I'm glad we meet again yeah,yeah,yeah,yeah. Mr.Homburg Man, can we be more than friends, yeah,yeah,yeah,yeah. Hey Mr.Homburg Man, Hey Mr.Homburg Man,(Repeat).

I need a new love, that's serious and true. I need a new love, and that one should be you. I was destined to meet a man with such direction,thats solid and complete, with such perfection.

Chorus: 3
Wooo,Ooo,Ooo,Mr. Homburg Man, I'm glad we meet again yeah,yeah,yeah,yeah. Mr.Homburg Man, I'm glad we'er more than friends, yeah,yeah,yeah,yeah. Hey
Mr.Homburg Man,Hey Mr.Homburg Man,(Repeat).

Tall and debanare with curly black hair. You don't find this kind of man any where. Melodies of a bird is a pleasure to hear ,and when he talks...It's like music to my ears.

Repeat: "Chorus 1".

Repeat "Statement 1".

Closing Statement:
Hey Mr. Homburg Man,now that we'er more than friends,when you pick me up,PLEASE wear that Homburg Hat again.




GMAN's Release List of Singles,EPs,LPs,CDs:
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1988-Single 12 inch Remake of song: Cosmic Slop
with Funk R&B Band: "Shade 2". Label:Bella Records Inc.
2 Tracks:
1. Cosmic Slop
2. Serious

1988-LP Cassette Titled: "Shade 2".Label: Bella Records Inc. Funk R&B Band: Shade 2.
7 Tracks:
1. Cosmic Slop
2. Serious
3. Buggin Out
4. Classy
5. Together Again
6. Gardell Lavon
7. Play Me

1989-EP Cassette Titled: :"J.A.G.- Rock To The Top",
Label: Bella Records Inc. Fusion Rock Band: "JAG".
5 Tracks:
1. Never Satisfied
2. Funk it Up!
3. Spread Your Wings
4. Fire Down Under
5. Roadway South

1989-EP Cassette Titled: "Unfinished Business",
Label: Bella Records Inc. Deep House/Club Band:
"Unfinished Business".
5 Tracks:
1. Heavy Weather
2. Only You
3. 2,4,U
4. Do She Still Love Me?
5. Getting To Know You

2002-CD Titled: GMAN:The Early Years Of Hip-Hop.
Label:Gee-Spot Prdns.Inc./GFUNK Ent.
7 Tracks:
2. I Got Style!
3. Com'in At'cha!
4. Ah Change has got to come Right Now!
5. Devastating Rapper
6. ScareCrow
7. The StoryTeller

2003-CD Titled:GMAN:THE JAZZMAN Vol.1
Label:Gee-Spot Prdns./GFUNK Ent.
15 Tracks:CD Available at
1. Dedication
2. 11pm
3. Mr. Homberg Man
4. Shay-Shay
5. Prospero
6. Serious
7. Gardell Lavon,(Re-Mastered)
8. Perfect Mode
9. Living On The Edge Of A Dream
10.Africa Part 1
13.Africa Part 2
14.Autumn Rain
15.Tribute To The FunkLords

2003-CD Titled: GMAN:THE JAZZMAN Volume 1.3 .
Label:Gee-Spot Prnds./GFUNK Ent.
9 Tracks:CD Available at
1. Classy,(That's What You Are To Me!)Re-Mastered
2. HipJazz-HopFunk
3. Just Ah Thought Of You
4. When Your Love Is Gone
5. Sunday Jazz Brunch
6. Unforgettable You
7. When Your Away
8. Waterbased Love
9. That's Life!

2004-CD Titled:GMAN:THE JAZZMAN Vol.2 .
Label:Gee-Spot Prdns./GFUNK Ent.
19 Tracks:CD Available at
1. Song:To Donna
2. Sugar Shack
3. Mo's Groove
4. Exchange
5. Pomona Breeze
6. Liberation Part 2
7. Island Girl
8. Melodic Bass Overtures
9. My Time, My Turf
10.Step This Way
11.Downtime Blues
12.Around The Corner
13.Missing You
14.BassHead Rebels
15.Lady Shay
16.I'm Still Here
17.Urban Outlaws
18.Together Again,(Updated version)
19.The Gift

2004-CD Titled: GMAN:The Spirit Of The Youth.
Label:Gee-Spot Prdns./GFUNK Ent.
Various Recording Artist
18 Tracks:CD Available at
1. Make A Decision feat. Margie Perry
2. Getting To Know You feat. Margie Perry(Updated Version)
3. Liberation Part 1 feat. Dannielle Chi'n
4. Are You Missing Me? feat. Tanya Diona
5. Here We Come!
6. Crazy!!
7. One Love!! feat. Antone,(DEEP)
8. Together Again,(Updated version)
9. The Passion
10.Level Love
11.Only You
14.The Lonely Nights Re-mix feat Margie Perry
15.Heavy Weather(Re-Mastered)
16.Street Jazz
17.4-The Luv Of-U
18.Pop's Funk

2005-CD Titled: BRICK CiTy BeaTz.
Various Artist & Producers.
Label:Gee-Spot Prdns./GFUNK Ent.
15 Tracks:Downloads available at (Check out music store)
1. Da Chemistry
2. All Expenses Paid!!
3. Fast Life! feat. C$$Money
4. Sweat!!
5.Come Here-Come Here
6. Theez Streetz feat. C$$Money & Jaye "MACK" Million
7. No Squeelin feat. Tango & Cash
8. Visions feat.C$$Money & Jaye "MACK" Million
9. Leave Me Alone feat. C$$Money & Lorne Rawls
10.HeadLine Storiez: feat.Ness,Avelanche,(AVE), & C$$Money
11.Step-N-2 Tha Cypher feat. Omega & C$$Money
12.Streetz-2-Tha Stage
13.Tha Anthem
14.6 Million Ways To Die(You Chose to Rhyme)
15.The Treble Maker

Note: All released Singles,LP,EP Cassettes and CD's recieved BroadCasting & Internet Radio Air Play to current date.

2006-CD Titled: KAM Easy Listening Compilation.
Various Artist from all over the World.
(Soft Rock/Easy Listening)12 Tracks.

1.To My GrandMother-Artist:J.F. Poncela, (Spain)
2.Day Dream-Artist:Bosar,(Switzerland)
3.Mas Alla De Tus Ojos-Artist:Tony Bosikovich,(Argentina)
4.Living On The Edge Of A Dream-Artist:GMANgerald
(South Orange,New Jersey,U.S.A.)
5.Close To Mine-Artist:R.B. Beaton,(Great Britain)
6.The Groove-Artist:Emmett North jr. ,(Holly Wood California,U.S.A.)
7.Perto Do Horizonte-Artist:German Bense,(Uruguay)
9.Sera?-Artist:Cordas & Voces,(Corroios)
10.Big Time!-Artist:CNQ & Tom Van Acker
11.Grains Of Bass-Artist:Vacuum,(The NetherLands,Europe)
12.Regular Season-Artist:Gary Apple

2006-CD Titled: GMAN:The Corridors Of Life.(Delayed Release)
24 Tracks:
Various Producers,Musicians & Recording Artist

1.I Remember When...
2.The Kid Who Lived On The 5th Floor
3.Played A Painted Picture
4.Away And Beyond A Dream
5.At A Moment's Notice
7.What You Can Never Take Away
8.At Th

Set List

GMAN's Song List,(As a Solo Artist performing behind pre-recorded CD original Tracks).or with Live Band,(GFUNK Band).
1.Mr.Homberg Man
2.I Remember When...
3.Lady Shay
4.Missing You
5.A Slice of Jazz on Rye Street
5.Pop's Funk
6.The Gift
7.Liberation Part 2
8.Perfect Mode

GMAN's Song List (Vocal Band)
1.Together Again
2.Are You Missing Me?
3.Liberation Part 1
5.Mr. Homberg Man-vocal version
6.Classy(That's What You Are To Me!)

All Songs are Originals .