An instrumental music - a modern hybrid of psychedelic jaw-dropping guitar and mind-blowing electronic sound aura... Gmatik's catchy melodies and infectious rhythms, as well as mastery over guitar, drum machine, and synth, has brought him to the attention of the top NYC venues and music industry...


Quite soon I got the connection to music in general, but finally was touched by the instrumental music in mid-90's, the time I made first steps in exploring the guitar as an instrument.
Having played in a variety of styles in different bands, I ended up putting my own recording studio in NY in 2003.
Being more and more inspired by instrumental songwriting and music production I gained enormous level of enthusiasm expressing my lifestyle and attitude through this strange beautiful music...


2007 - "CHAOS" CD
2008 - "GENERATION NEXT" (coming out soon) CD

radio play:

Set List

1. Intro
2. Chaos P.1
3. Chaos P.2
4. Without You
5. Rosy Nights
6. Memories
7. Letter To You
8. Running Away
9. Christine
10. Letter To You
11. Melancholy
12. Saving The World
13. On Top Of The Highest Mountain

and more...

My set could be up to 45-50 minutes