G.M.B "Get Money Boys"

G.M.B "Get Money Boys"

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Masterful, Pulse-Racing, Lyrical Sounds That Rings Globally Through Powerful Multicultural Beats!


In the scorching summer of 2007 a group of young men with extraordinary individual powers, joined forces and formed an alliance that is quickly being recognized as an unstoppable force in the world of music! Their cleaver punch lines, phenomenal M.C. abilities, the versatility of how their words flow, the variety of their topics ranging from wall street to the ghetto and from the white house to yo house! Their much anticipated album has Music Executives, A&R’s and Radio Station’s salivating over this group that is creating such a loud noise and is very quickly changing the GAME! ARE YOU READY! THE WHOLE WORLD IS, AS WE PRESENT TO YOU G.M.B “GET MONEY BOYS”


G.M.B "Get Money Boys" newly released album is a self titled compilation album of Radio Banging, Club Banging, Hood Banging and of course Something for the ladies album. Featuring The Monster Hits "I'm Serious", "Slide", "Do Yo Thang", "My BlocK Hot'", "Act A Donkey","Vibrate" and "I Do". "I'm Serious", "Slide", "Do Yo Thang", "Vibrate" and "Act A Donkey" have received insane myspace plays and local club spins as well. The album is currently available on iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, Digstation every digital download store thats out there!

Set List

G.M.B show is typically 45min - 1hour consisting of 1 set. Each set consisting of original songs. Slide , Do Yo Thang, I'm Serious, I Do, Act A Donkey,Vibrate, Get Money Aee Daa, My Block Hot and I Got That.