Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
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GMFB Boys (Get Money For Business) are the most versatile Hip-Hop group in the game right now. They have a universal sound that people love and enjoy. They consist of three young men who have graduated from college and are all about getting money for business....Get Money....You Know The Rest!!!


Babiface,Ice, and Young Phonz first met each other at Bloomsburg University. They have all graduated. Dre majored in business management and Ice is majored in accounting and Phonz in psychology. All of them have had a passion for music and been doing it for a long time now. Dre is from of Lancaster,PA and Ice and Phonz are from Philadelphia,PA. They all have been rapping around each other since they met and it only seemed right that they put songs out together. They wish to continue doing music after college and want to make music that people love to listen to. They are currently on their second album " The Road to Succes" which is on itunes and have a Internet Radio Show " GMFB Radio" on
GMFB Boys have shared the stage with numerous Mainstreamed artists like "Dru Hill", Taylor Gang, and Styles P. to name a few.


Album on "VIP Victory is Patience" with hit singles "Sittin clean" "Take a Look" "Take You Down"

Album on Itunes " The Road To Sucess" with hit singles - "Hangover", "Sorority Girl", and "One Life To Live

Album on "GMFB (Get Money For Business)" with hit singles- " Rent Money", "Bing Bing Bing" and "Nasty Girl"