Good Morning Grizzly

Good Morning Grizzly

 Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

Good Morning Grizzly may still be fresh as a band, but you'd never guess it by looking at their track record. From playing at some of the hottest spots in Oklahoma with some of the best bands the state has to offer, to opening up for national up-and-comers Moving Mountains and The Rocketboys, it's clear that this is just the beginning of something monumental.


After making it to the top ten finals in a songwriting contest in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Tyler Slemp and Jordan Herrera knew they had more than tender lyrics and infectious melodies in common: they shared a vision. With the same flavor of music in their souls, writing together has been an effortless feat, giving them the weight to write songs that will pull on any heartstrings. With driving passion, gripping harmonies and the balance of a ballet dancer, Good Morning Grizzly will high-dive into your body and leave behind only the delicate feeling of content.


Stars & Satellites

Written By: Tyler Slemp

Your eyes reflect the stars and satellites
The moon reflects the sun
And I reflect on all the pleasant thoughts
But hindsight is rarely just
'Cause you remember all the unfortunate things
I said to you in rage
Now we both lie here beneath the sky
With bets beyond our wage.

Your eyes they burn right through my very skin
And straight into my bones
Ignoring every inch of melanin
You gaze into my soul
Cause you have seen the darkest depths of me
The lantern in the cave
And I can feel my spirit rise again
Like in the glory days.

So tell me I'm not going mad
And if I am, promise me you're coming

'Cause everytime you look my way I lose my lungs
I swear tonight I'm going to take the final plunge
I'm terrified of giving all I have to you
The ocean's tide pulls me once again towards the moon