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Tampa, Florida, United States | INDIE

Tampa, Florida, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos




Doc Wynter SVP/Programming-Urban Radio Clear Channel Radio liked my songs that i submitted to the florida music conference.July 03, 2009 America’s Next Urban Superstar 2009 competition . C.E.O of the Urban Music Awards & Invincible Media Group, Jordan Kensington and our A&R team are glad to announce to you that you will have a chance to attend final face to face auditions with C.E.O of the Urban Music Awards & Invincible Media Group , Jordan Kensington on the 17th of July 2009. Also, as your prize for receiving this ticket. You will be granted an automatic complimentary ticket for the Urban Music Awards USA taking place on the 17th of July 2009 @ The Hammerstein Ballroom, New York, New York, Manhattan Center Studios , 311 West 34th Street, New York, NY 10001.10 finalists will be announced on stage with one winner announced to be crowned and announced as America’s Next Urban Superstar with the opportunity to perform live in front of the audience. Many Thanks for now and congratulations for making it through ! Kind Regards, Charlie Simpson Invincible Media Group ( Mag, Radio, TV, Mobile & Events) Urban Music Awards USA (UK, USA, Caribbean, France) Tel: 213 291 8682 US Office: 14 Wall St, 30th Floor, New York, NY 10005 UK Office: Unit 107, 203 Mare Studios, London E8 3QE E: charlie@urbanmusicawards.net W: www.internationalfootballawards.com W: www.invinciblemag.com W: www.invincibleradio.com W: www.urbanmusicawards.net W: www.britishmusicweek.com W: www.invinciblemobile.com - UMA


OVERALL ANALYSIS: The secret to success is persistence, dedication, and consistency. You gotta grind and go hard everyday. Work on some of those production points we suggested and you should see improvement right away. Sleepy niggas don't get paid so let's get this money my dude. Keep up the good work.

Keep gringin' yo!!

Cool & Dre

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Cool And Dre
Date: Wed, Apr 1, 2009 at 8:22 PM
Subject: Your RateYourDemo.com REVIEW IS IN!
To: gameon.williams@gmail.com

REVIEW DATE: 4/1/2009
RANKING (1-10): 5
ARTIST: glenn williams

Glenn, wat it do yo?

Aight so we gonna break it down for you track by track,

1. Do It (RANKING: 5)

We like how you mixed the Lil Jon with Pop Lock & Drop it. The only problem is when you do that you almost gotta top the original. The 1st verse was okay, but you need to tighten up your delivery. The 2nd verse was cool and you were spittin' some shit. Overall this song needs some minor adjustments. Clean up the production and you good to go!

2. Senorita (RANKING: 6)

Okay you threw Pit and Lil Jon in the intro...that's cool. You started the song off good and the ladies will like this one. You got a good idea for it. You should try and switch it up a bit so that your verses aren't all on one level. Finally, we feel you can clean up your vocals a bit and you money on this one.

3. Alisha Keys (RANKING: 3)

You start the song off key and you gotta fix that asap. Try re-doing it in a different key. Also the guitar is a bit much. Try bringin' it down some throughout the song. It sounds cool at the end, but just try throwing some harmonies on your hook so it's all not one sound. You have a lot of work with this track my dude.

4. Superstar (RANKING: 6)

This song has a Prince feel to it. You gotta redo the vocals in a different note because you're off key again. Clean up your vocals and the production. Overall this song is cool, but it's just different compared to what you hear now a days. We like the creativity, but just fine tune this one and you're on your way. Good job!

5. Put It In Ya Life (RANKING: 5)

You got a good beat on this track right here. Try doing the verses with only a little of the auto tune feature. It throws off the whole feel for the song. It sounds good in your hook, just try switchin' it up a little. Also clean up your production. In verse 2, the homie needs to tighten up his delivery a bit. Overall this track is cool.

6. I Got To See (RANKING: 2)

This song has a good concept, but you gotta get back in the lab and completely re-do this! Try completely switchin' it up and see what you come up with. You only have about 10 seconds of a song to grab your audience. You definitely gotta come up with something more catchy. Get back to work my dude!

7. I Want My Baby Back (RANKING: 3)

Same thing with the last track, you need to get back in the booth and re-do this track. The beat is drowning out your vocals completely. Try coming up with something more catchy for your hook. This one needs a lot of work!

8. Sunshine (RANKING: 3)

We like the sample in the beginning, but the beat needs more instruments in it. It sounds the same the whole way. You threw that Ciara and Bow Wow on the 2nd verse which is not really a good idea because then you get judged based on the original. You've got a good idea, but just play with it a little.

9. Hells Tall (RANKING: 5)

This track is cool, but you gotta clean up the vocals. The beat is cool too. Tighten up the production because the beat drowns out your vocals completely in the hook. The verses are good money and the 2nd verse is on point. Overall this track needs some fine tuning and you good to go.

10. Stop Hatin (RANKING: 5)

This beat definitely needs a few breaks in it to switch it up a bit. The verses is cool but you just need to tighten up on your delivery. Also you must clean up your production because the beat is way too loud. Try throwin' some harmonies over your hook to fill it in a bit. The 2nd verse fell off a bit. You definitely need to get in pocket with the flow. This track has the right concept and stick with this one.

OVERALL ANALYSIS: The secret to success is persistence, dedication, and consistency. You gotta grind and go hard everyday. Work on some of those production points we suggested and you should see improvement right away. Sleepy niggas don't get paid so let's get this money my dude. Keep up the good work.

Keep gringin' yo!!

Cool & Dre



Congratulations on being part of The World Famous Cut Creators Top Ten Contest!
Category: Music

Congratulations on being part of The World Famous Cut Creators Top Ten Contest!
JMCKILLOP 05/19/10, 02:05 am
Like LL Cool J, Cut Creator believes that his creative torch lights yours. Through your dedication and hard work you have been acknowledged as an emerging artist.
DJ Cut Creator's Weekly Top Ten
@05/17/2010 08:28:42

Check out the trax featured on this week's DJ Cut Creator Top Ten. G’d Up Mood by King Com, I’MA JIGGALO by STIZZ, Why you want to murder me by Cazaknova, Young & Dangerous by Chris Cureton, hustle no mo by young prophet, IN LOVE AGAIN by TRE-DOT, Ink It Out by Foul Al, CONFUSION by Nucii Reyo ft. Money Malc/Sam Scarfo, TOP DOWN by G.NAS.T, WE RUN THIS by Shawn Rizzo ft. J CeaseCongratulations! Your song "if its alright" has been selected for showcase on the next episode of Club Enforcer Podcast. Follow hangoutspace on twitter to find out whatz happening and when the podcast hits the streets. Best Regards,The Hangout Corporation Podcast Team!http://lnk.ms/6MtDS
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