Grenoble, Rhône-Alpes, FRA

Following the wave of anger that doesn’t stop to shake the Arab and North African regimes, Amazigh Kateb reunites the members of GNAWA DIFFUSION to sing again and again the angry of freeman in the face of a world that redistributes the same cards.


Gnawa Diffusion is back! The project is on track and the album will be available in autumn 2012. In the meantime, the group will be in the studio recording their new songs and the tour start in May. They remain true to their style referring at themes such as exile, memory, ethnocentrism, identity and religion, globalization ... this album also point some paradoxes of the Maghreb such as love, the virtual, the tradition, the social comedy ... Amazigh and GNAWA DIFFUSION return with a simple and unpretentious formatting to offer a faithful sound to himself and his heart beats: a travel to chaabi through gnawi, reggae, ragga, rock and ... near you.

The June 27th 1992 is the first scene baptism of GNAWA DIFFUSION, on the occasion of "Young performing arts", headed by the young songwriter Amazigh Kateb.A guembri, the karkabs, regional instruments Maghreb-African trance of Gnawa (African slaves deported in the court of the Kings of the North), North African gospel of suffering is liberation, a humor that pin all the "twisted" in the world , surprising rhythms mixing sounds jazzy to reggae, to rap and ragga, the decor of GNAWA DIFFUSION is planted and the caravan starts.


Since 1992, over the years, the group has traveled worldwide and will be produced for the most prestigious festivals and scenes, by sowing the feast and trance on their path. GNAWA DIFFUSION is successful in its own right and will be delighted its public with six exceptional albums :

Fucking Cowboys (2007) CD/ DVD Live – Recorded during the concert at l’Elysée Montmartre with the co-production D’jamaz-Uwe. Last Tour in followed.

Souk System (2003) – The album marks a political maturity without context and denounces chaos, disorder, it is dark and serious like the Bush years

Live DZ (2001) – In May 2011, deadly clashes between youths and police scarred the Kabylie and Gnawa Diffusion reinforcements arrived in Algiers to be in solidarity with those of their generation.

Bab el Oued Kingston (1999) –The second episode of the adventures of Gnawa Diffusion in the footsteps of raggnawachaâbirock.

Algeria (1997) –The album is ranked in 10th position of the "XXX de France" for six months. Legitimate difference (1993) - First 5 CD titles. First national and international tours, the first success.