G-NIUS & YAMBIO with Reggae New Millennium Band play conscious 21 st century roots rock Reggae spiced exciting dancehall with cross cultural influences from jazz to hip hop, RnB, with traditional African poly-rhythmic influences. Healing music for mind and body from Jamaica's Cockpit Country


G-NIUS is the name and nature of the new singer risen in Trelawny, a central part of Jamaica’s rich Cockpit Country. Acutely aware of his environmental blessings G-NIUS brings to the industry a new perspective, a new spin that is sure to win-win. Bundled in his conscious songs are the real experiences he shares of himself and the people in his immediate farming community. G-NIUS amplifies the people’s concerns and fantasies in engaging rhythms.
G-NIUS was born and raised in a deep yam farming community sensitized to the rich cultural legacy of his unconquerable ancestors. Named Trevor Hewitt he attended Lowe River All Age school. From early days he loved the stage as he performed at school functions. The encouragement he received from his audiences propelled his choice career in entertainment. G-NIUS has become a popular and well loved singer among his local Christiana-Mandeville sound system operators, for whom he has voiced several dub plates. Many still call him ‘Singing Sport’. Pink Panther has a ‘special’ from G-NIUS that he uses to lyrically ‘kill’ other sounds. His previous singles for separate producers have received some airplay receiving significant attention in Altlanta, USA where his song has been charting. London radio also became excited and he is receiving much airplay there too.
The new energy G-NIUS brings to the industry comes out of the cool, clean Cockpit Country breeze, evidenced in his suave voice and cool demeanure. The bountiful waters that ooze from the seven river heads which rise in his backyard make his music full of life and rhythm. This natural rhythm is sustained through the rich interaction of the farming community and the land, making it a fertile soil for the growth of human talent like ‘Lightning Bolt’ and G-NIUS.
.With his new management project under the guidance of ace Reggae Consultant, Adugo Ranglin-Onuora, G-NIUS is expected to stir more waves. He has spent the last four months recording at VISION I Studio in Huddersfield, St. Mary under the musical tutelage of Vision Rodrigues and Fatt String. He has also done some sessions under the guidance of Doc at Caveman Studios with pulsating results. His management plans to continue networking him through the cream crop of music producers to arrive at an album with diverse and eclectic musical taste.
So far his demo sampler ‘Give Me Your Love Girl’ has been creating a buzz with its catchy lyrics and driving bass line. ‘Just One’ seem headed for an international R’n B hit with the expertise of Reggae Maestro Ernie Ranglin accentuating with his rich staccato flicks. Glen DaCosta veteran saxophonist, spiced the tunes with his haunting sax sounds making G-NIUS music indelible and enduring.GNIUS’ music video ‘Play A Song For Me’ is in regular rotation with western Jamaica cable viewers, with his acting talent rising to the fore. From his participation in JCDC Song Competition, G-NIUS has performed for large audiences. As he prepares his first full album release, the artiste touches a kaleidoscope of issues to make his music appeal to all ages and stages of human condition. While offering soothing rhythms for musical digestion there will be songs to make you laugh, smile, snap your finger, join in the refrain, or even cry. Everyone will identify with this unique voice and the content of his songs, as his music spans several musical genres.
(c)(p)KUYA AFRIKA MUSIC International Recording Artiste: (876) 460 3606/975 7522 E-mail: nanaadugo@yahoo.com


Time Will Tell, Just One, I See Them, Blessings, Give Me Your Love Girl, Play A Song For Me, Phone Line, High Grade

Set List

My typical set list would include all the songs listed in my discography- usually 8 or 9 songs covering a 40-45 min set