I am a cultural Reggae singer experimenting with different genres to get my messages across. I have a debut cd titled 'Afrika Rise' on the Kuya Afrika Music label which was produced in JA with veteran musicians like Ernie Ranglin, Glen DaCosta and Caveman


G-NIUS aka Trevor Hewitt is the new singing sensation from the Cockpit Country region of Jamaica. Like the tripple Olympian gold medalist Usain Bolt, G-NIUS brings to the music industry the freshness of his Cockpit Country 'biodiversity hotspot'environment mixed with the richmess of his cultural Maroon ancestors in rural Jamaica. His music is empowering


1. Only You Jah
2. Friends
3. Trip To Afrika
4.Rite Time
5.I Need You(adapted)
6.Real Love
7. If There Is Any Girl
8. Conversation
9. Sad News
10. Afrika Rise
11. Distance
12.Just One
13. Give Me Your Love Girl
14. Somebody Told Me
15. Time Will Tell
16. I See Them Coming
17. My Time To Shine
18. Blessing

Set List

Usually 45-60min set depending on audience and setting I determine the running order fr list of sngs on the cd