Voiron, Rhône-Alpes, FRA

GNÔ, three letters that sound like a scream for this muscular and melodic power trio, a mix of Pantera, the Beatles and Van Halen in the same band !


GNÔ is a french Rock-Metal-Pop band created by Christophe Godin, Gaby Vegh and Peter Puke who decided to rule the planet of rock'n roll for a thousand years...Their first album "Trash Deluxe" allowed them to play a lot in France and to share the stage with great musicians like Ron Thal (Guns and Roses), Popa Chubby, TM Stevens (Steve Vai, Joe Cocker, James Brown)....


Cannibal Tango (2011) - Apocalypse Gnô Prod -

Gnô - Trash Deluxe (Janvier Records/2001)

Set List

Last scene of my screenplay... (chris)
Ignorance (gab)
Only human (gab)
Toy crusher (ju)
Questions (chris/gab)
Father fire (chris)
Supa lova (gab)

De Cannibal Tango :

Cannibal tango (ju)
Be my pride (gab)
In my place (chris)
Hate incarnate (chris/gab/ju)
Fathers and sons (chirs/gab)
The keeper (gab/chris)

Reprises :

Bark at the moon (ju)
Wrathchild (gab)
Video killed the radio star (chris)