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A dark space, a void, suddenly and dramatically filled with strange and haunting images. Where are we? A world once familiar, yet not! The music challenges, a strong lone voice fills our world, is it the voice of self, or some other self, who knows?


A dark space, a void, suddenly and dramatically filled with strange and haunting images. Where are we? A world once familiar, yet not! The music challenges, a strong lone voice fills our world, is it the voice of self, or some other self, who knows?
This is what happens when a bunch of guys who love music get together and it works. A new sound is created, it touches a chord with its fans and the rest is history.

In 2001 former members of "Sideffect” (Def Jam) and MC Gnomad (Patrick Donowa) with producer Valery Gamarnik established GNOMADLIVE, an Alternative Hip-Hop group. In 2003 the line up was enhanced by the talented Gilbert Gilmore on drum, Lior Rafta on bass, Shahar Mintz on guitar, Avishay Cohen on trumpet, and Rafi Malkiel on trombone. These guys can play and lead their fans on a musical crescendo at once troubling and comfortable. A loyal group of fans and the power of word of mouth are creating a huge musical phenomenon.


Here We Go Again

Written By: Patrick Donawa

Once more… tha sword becomes a pen –
Slashin’ through into millennia;
Addin’ up divisions – even in ya cranium:
Hemispheres together representin’ in sin.
Comin’ as tha warrior of peace – ceaseless beef deceased,
Now I’m pickin’ from my teeth at tha table with tha meat.
You frontin’: don’t tell me ‘bout manners – you must be buggin’;
I’m comin’ at it ruggedly – [tha] way it gotta be.
So(u)ls floatin’ in the abyss…
From tha deep sea tactics:
Flow until ya own flexin’ makes me constrict;
Rappin’ circles ‘round ya [w]hole physics –
Leavin’ you de-oxidized, chokin’ on ya own acids.
Bondin’ like tha H in your molecular organics;
First I’ll do tha damage, then I’ll help you understand it:
I let ya dam[n] it, but I never let ya know it shall overflow

Oh no… here we go again;
I thought tha last time would truly be the end.
There’s no offense in tha way I defend:
My system’s shocked –
Here we go again…

I tried ta stop it, but it seems I’m phototrophic:
No matter how ya plot it…
I’m growin’ towards tha light.
Kickin cement chunks all up in tha mix,
Still I split pavements and cause shifts in ya bricks.
You broke an’ want a fix: got fits an’ strict tricks,
But my wits set misfits adrift in tha midst.
Take a hit of this stresslessness as if it’s uni-chronic –
Gassin’ up ya dome just ta bomb it.
On tha low like alluminium foil used ta foil tha plot
that they got ta track you in tha clothin’ spot:
get in ya knot, steal thoughts an’ sell ‘em hot;
I’m in a zone, so I got you on tha drop.
You cryin’ stop… - I keep tha blood from tha clot;
Drain you till you reach nirvana – kettle is tha pot.
Cock a nova blast every time I bust my slang;
But here we go again…
I feel a Big Bang…

Here we go again…
Ya best ta spill some Heineken…
Or build a shrine again..
Whatever… you do…
I’m takin’ out all who wanna start… a coup…
D’etats in my knot;
No longer shall I be locked inside tha plot.
Days goin’ faster than tha shadows that I watch:
They comin’ in flocks… ta keep me in tha box.
I’m seein’ Pandoramic: ‘bout ta pop…

Here we go again…
Rust politc’in on ya lens:
Blockin’ out ya vision through tha solar cyst-stem:
Steady repressin’ tha quintessential essence of meditation.
Can you feel tha levitation vibe?
Floatin’ through tha mind, can ya find tha divine?
Crazy if ya think, cuz if ya think, then ya try;
But if ya do, you merely do beyond ya time ta die…

A sun must shine…

© Patrick Donawa 2003

Blue Shift

Written By: Patrick Donawa

In & out of tha spaces in between tha light seen
I strike these ancient chords before
Tha sun meets tha dawn.
Tha secret forms and leaves behind tha key
To tha gate that separates
Tha mental state and physical frame:
Slight taste of bitter disdain –
Sentenced to a world of pain…

Confusion slips into tha cracks where
understanding weathers bad[ly];
and flakes get blown in tha winds of experience
which feeds tha spring of fear.
Tha seeds of grteed now germinate;
And incubate; and blossom hate
For all includin’ self;
Though, unbeknownst, delirium creeps with stealth…

Humility shows its face in uncommon place
And leaves a taste of what it was
To never [have] dwell[ed] beneath tha span
Of tha flying dove –
Held up by mud!
Memory finds tha mind clingin’ like monkeys
Swingin’ through vines:
Tha fall is far; tha truth scars;
Tha mo[u]rnin’ mist can cloak
A predatory grip extendin’ quick[ly]
Upon listless ignorance.
Tha fruit was picked so long ago;
But from an Ageless Tree, and so
We digest slow[ly] and chew forever:
Clever quickly slides to payin’
Bigger dues in harder times.
And so goes the ebb & flow –
Searchin’ for tha lost key to tha so(u)l…

On tha beach at night, with no end
To tha sea in sight – only a burnin’ need
As light – tha sail is set; tha campfire cleared.
Tha scary truth of nowhere lies beyond what was familiar.
Even though tha tides are known to rise
As high as tha sky, we dare to climb
Tha mast to see beyond catastrophe to a galaxy
That leads tha way to tha key we left
So long ago on - a distant journey home.
And drown though we may –
Buried in a pauper’s plot of icey decay -
We live to breathe as men:
Escape tha chains of a heartless age…

© Patrick Donawa 2003


EP - Vagabond (Release Date: 05/15/04)

Set List

Set length: 45-50 min.

Set List: