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""Becoming" Reviewed by"

Hip-Hop takes a strange trip with Gnos-Tel-Jah and their latest album of original (and we mean original) material on “Becoming.” Comprised of 2 male vocalists and 1 female vocalist, Gnos-Tel-Jah offers up a psychedelic ride of Hip-Hop fused with rock and spoken word. “Midnight Swang” represents the rap side to their debut disc with easy flowing rhymes and is reminiscent of the group Outkast. When you break it all down, Rap/Hip-Hop is basically spoken words with beats underlying the phrases. The band shows their love for this genre with 13 “chapters” which are 13 separate spoken tracks. Any fan of Outkast, Gnarls Barkley, or of spoken word will thoroughly enjoy “Becoming” as it is a new and innovating CD.
-Shaun H. and The RadioIndy Reviewer Team


"touched me!!!!"

loved it made me smile and think at the same time.
a must have!!!! - Lisa Clark at


This is a f!*%ing amazing album! If you love music and want to be inspired and spellbound, buy this now. You will not regret it. Such a brilliant melding of genres and personalities. The members of Gnos-tel-jah all bring powerful perspectives and genuine talent to the table. How exciting it was to come across this rare gem. Get ready to feel shivers down your spine and goosebumps everywhere else. Gnos-tel-jah...I applaud you! - Tessa Crane at


Becoming: Gnos-tel-jah



Gnos-tel-jah, pronounced "nostalgia" refers, literally, to a longing for the past. In our world today, there is definitely a longing for how things used to be, but what we are doing as a group is taking this longing and reformatting it so that the past is understood, but then flipped to become something new which exists in the future.

As our "new" name breaks down, "Gnos" refers to, and is the shortened version of "Gnostic" which means a heightened knowledge of spirituality, and also depicts certain "Gospels" of the Bible that were ommitted. In using this term, we are expressing the fact that we are uncovering unspoken truths, and pushing the envelope of what is socially acceptable. "Tel" refers to "Telecommunications" as a means to spread the music and the message. In this day and age, technology is the mode of transfer of infformation, and the use of "tel" merely includes this fact. Lastly, "Jah" refers to the Rastafarian Godhead, but actually means much more in our name. "Jah" coupled with "Gnos" portrays religious and cultural tolerance as two very differing perspectives are included in one name. Also, "Jah" as a Godhead portrays the masculine and feminine divinity which is key for the band because we have both male and female voices intermingling.

"Becoming" is a meld of several musical genres and styles that embody the different, but amazingly similar personalities of the members of Gnos-tel-jah. "Becoming" exemplifies the up and down struggle that preceeds finding the true "self." More a novel than a collection of short stories, "Becoming" depicts this process through emotional music and poignant lyrics, incorporating relevant issues of our time. Coupled with poetic interludes that act as the glue between the songs, "Becoming" guarantees an emotional journey that can be taken again and again.