G Nut

G Nut

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The last of a dying breed. This emcee has the uncanny ability of building and creating vivid musical pictures that allows his audience view his music through his wordplay. Quite simply he is the Michaelangelo and Rembrandt of our time with the use of his pen and pad!


Raised in the Marquette Park neighborhood of Chicago's southside, young Michael Flores (G-nut) was talented in such things as sports, art and writing. It wasn't until his teenage years were his life took a turn. Growing up on Chicago's rough streets, G-nut was surrounded by gangs, drugs and violence. This was when he began to develop his passion for hip hop music as it was a soundtrack to life in the hood. After graduating high school he began to get involved in music while attending Columbia college, learning to dj, produce and then began to write his own music. He put out his first demo tape in 1998 and from that point on he never turned back. Music became his life. A former honor student and gifted artist and writer, G-nut took that with his knowledge of growing up in the streets to form a style of his own. A blend of conscious hip hop and hardcore hood rap with a twist of comedy. He is a lyricist with multiple styles of flow. Punch lines, story telling, metephors, vocabulary, knowledge and hood anthems. His music speaks for itself. G-nut has been a big part of Chicago’s underground music scene for years. He has performed at over 100 venues including opening for such acts as Busta Rhymes, Cam’ron, Twista and more. G-nut has also appeared on Chicago television and radio shows as well as having a video on BET in 2005. He recently
released his 4th solo cd “Rhymebook”. G-nut’s music has reached fan bases from the hood to the suburbs, gangsta to hip hop, rich or poor, black, white , latino and more. G-nut versatility is a key reason his name has spread throughout the underground scene and continues to expand beyond it. With his talent and dedication, who knows how far he will go.


1999- Chi-Town Love
2000- The Slept On Don
2005- Behind The Music
2008- Rhymebook: Chapter 1

Set List

G-nut average set time is between 10-25 minutes or 2 - 5 songs.