Alpharetta, Georgia, USA
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Go2 is a young progressive duo that mixes the art of Hip Hop and contemporary praise and worship. They believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and it is their goal to spread the Gospel and win lost souls to Jesus Christ through their music as well as their lifestyle.


Go2 is the latest, undeniably anointed group out of Atlanta Georgia! This Duo (Lerish (luh-reesh) and Vizun (Vision) combine the art of Hip-Hop with contemporary praise and worship to create a diverse sound that has been embraced by fans of all ages and color!
Since their release of PUSH their debut album (written and produced by Go2), they have received amazing exposure for a new group. Go2 caught the attention of National icon Rev. Jesse Jackson and was invited out to Chicago to participate in numerous youth events coordinated by the Rainbow Push Coalition! Go2 has also performed live on Jesse Jacksons weekly broadcast from the Push headquarters in Chicago, via the Word Network.
Continuing their TV exposure, Go2 has appeared on Good Day Atlanta (Fox 5 Network), The Metro Caf (Comcast), Im just sayin with Pastor Dan Willis (TCT Christian network- which reaches over 125 million homes in the United States, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, India and the Philippines), The Word Network, Stir It Up (TV 57), Shake The Nations with Pastor Byron L. Broussard and Triumph magazine web-cast!
Go2 has been no stranger to radio with live interviews in Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta, New York, Colorado, South Carolina, South Florida, and Texas to name a few! Also Go2 has appeared in the same Interview segment with the soulful artist Maxwell via the Big Corey Fresh Show out of New York which services more than 40 of the top college radio shows throughout the United States.
Go2s recent double nomination (Best Duo/Group and Best Holy Hip Hop Artist) at the 2009 Gospel Choice Awards has again thrust them into the light as one of Atlantas premier groups!
Honored by Universal Music Christian Groups support and national distribution via Fontana/Emi Gospel, along with One Eighty Records, First Choice Media and Psalms Group Management, Go2 takes their message of encouragement, hope, faith and salvation to the world stage in a very unique yet effective way, creating a new bridge for music, the youth, the church and the streets!
Also adding to their diverse profile Go2 was recently featured on the 2009 Rockin Roads CD from Interlinc, who assists youth leaders in getting quality Christian music to their students, and seek to link the resources of the Christian music industry with the needs of todays youth ministries worldwide.
Most importantly Go2 keeps Jesus in the front of their music and has not compromised the message he has given them through their music. While Go2 is yet young in the industry their career has started off with amazing speed with no sign of slowing down! This is definitely a movement in music that will enjoy growth and longevity for years to come!


Your Love

Written By: Lerish

Hook: Lord I realize that if it wasn’t for your love
My life would be in darkness and God your love
Keeps me when I have had enough, your love, your love.
1st Verse: It just keeps holding on, like a melody (la da da da)
Your love is my song, it sings to me. It’s my fascination and it blows my mind
It’s so chronological, always on time. Your love is awesome, unbelievable
Never far away, it’s obtainable. Like a great big mountain reaches for the sky
Lord you’re so much more, ‘cause you reach for my life!
Hook: Lord I realize that if it wasn’t for your love
My life would be in darkness and God your love
Keeps me when I have had enough ,your love, your love.
2nd Verse: Now there’s situations that come and go
But your love remains anchored to my soul
Feelings often change just as people do, that’s why I’m so, so in love with you.
You’re the same today, as you were last week
And you’ll be the same tomorrow into eternity
See you gave your life without complaint
So when I think of love, there’s no other name.
Hook: Lord I realize that if it wasn’t for your love
My life would be in darkness and God your love
Keeps me when I have had enough your love, your love.
Change: Wonderful, beautiful, marvelous your love is…
Sensational, inspirational, extraordinary, your love is
Awesome God, mighty God, living God, your love is
In spite of, regardless to, anyway, your love is
Your love is, your love is, your love is
Your love is so wonderful Lord!
Fade out.


Push - Debut Album in stores now!

2009 Rockin Roads Sampler (Interlinc)

2009 GMA Sampler (Universal Music)

Set List

Set list normally includes the following songs:
Push (title song)
Do You Love Him
Under Construction
He Will Make A Way
Gotta Leave
(in varying order)

10 - 30 minute sets

Cover Worship Songs