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gObi are a band that love all sorts of music.Our music comes from a melting pot of styles and soundscapes from past ,present and maybe future.Funk,pop,R&b and country probaly best describe where the band are, at present.This is the bands first demo so slap up the volume and go for it,we dare YOU..


gObi started out 3 years ago. Lots of gigs and a few Demo recordings resulted in a two week session in Blackbox Recording Studio in France with Producer(ex Frames) Dave Odlum.They appeared on a compilation album courtesy of Matchbox Recordings UK which resulted in lots of interest and an offer from Jetspeed Records in the USA.gObi song "Mr B" has been selected for the upcoming GHETTO GROOVE RECORDS sampler and is also listed under most listens to date on www.noisehead.com in the top ten with over 8000 hits.The song "HUMAN REVOLUTION"has been liscensed to "Octobertunes" Canada and is also on the new matchbox release due out the end of june 2008. The band are very much more assured and confident with their present sound a funky pop style with a country edge.Kathleens vocal will remind you of Eartha Kitt or Stevie Nicks or how about Nathalie Merchant. gObi are another step towards being a great Band with great songs..

gObi are inspired by all types of music,sounds & Artists - Pop,Punk,Rock Funk,Classical,Movie Scores,Country. gObi are unsigned


Mr B

Written By: Ray Grange

A sacred star for you till the morning
the city hides a thousand spies
They come ,to haunt you,

Lets go outside in the sun contemplate the things we've done, on the rooftops we can run ,have a good time
Mr B why you waiting and hesitating why wont you come and rescue me
Mr B I cant help myself set my soul on fire, oh yeah! you burn with me

I loved you more than i ought to,i whisper sinful things,I wish them often
take a look into my eyes id love to take you home

on the streets and on the road the confrontations overload take a breath and hold your rage its a new day!Chorus to finish


Oxegen/Drinkaware campaign advert featuring a loop from human revolution shown on MTV and Paramount starting 06/06/08 to 30/06/08.
con;Matthew Williams MTV
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upcoming release with matchboxrecordings.co.uk featuring gobi song human revolution

Set List

human revolution
long time gone
wanna be alone
bionic fantasy
dreaming of me
bullet species
space n time
song A
mr b
crash and fall down
sets between 35/65 min long