The Gobshites

The Gobshites

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Sounding like an acoustic version of The Dropkick Murphys, The Gobshites turn old Irish standards into rock & roll rave ups... but turnabout being fair play, The Gobshites transform old punk rock songs like Black Flag's "Six Pack" or the Ramones "Long Way Back" into Irish Singalongs!


The Gobshites are an acoustic Irish themed folk-rock band in the style of The Pogues. You may have seen us these past three years in the South Boston Saint Patrick's Day Parade or heard us on the Don Imus Radio Show. We have performed in a number of festivals, including Irish 2000 in Saratoga, ShamrockFest in Washington, DC and The Irish Cultural Center's Irish Festival in Canton, MA. We have opened for Black 47, Gaelic Storm, The Young Dubliners, 7 Nations, Derek Warfield and more.

We were recently featured in the Irish Emigrant newspaper. You can read that article here:

Lead singer & guitarist Pete Walsh talks about the beginnings of the band:

"The Gobshites is the band I could grow old gracefully with, that was the idea. I planned to do it eventually even though I didn't have anyone else involved. But I knew what I wanted to call it. John Holmstrom [an artist] from Punk magazine got me do it. I told him what I wanted for a logo. He said, "Great," and drew it right away, you know, the leprechaun flipping the bird. I was excited when I got it. I've been a fan of his stuff he did for The Ramones since high school. I showed it to my friend Larry from Black 47 and he thought I was further along with the band than I really was, and he booked us to open at TT's--I didn't even have any other musicians yet. So I grabbed some people that were interested in playing some music together, a kind of Pogues-ish acoustic punk Irish music, yeah, aggressive Irish music, all done on acoustic instruments."

Since that time The Gobshites have continued to bring unique Irish Punk covers and original songs to the New England area. The band has played The Middle East, TT's, Club Passim, The Cantab and more in Cambridge; Harpers Ferry, The Greenbriar, Kennedy's Midtown and The Paradise Lounge in Boston; The Living Room, The Green Room, The Century Lounge, McFadden's, and The Call in Providence; Connolly's and Rocky Sullivan's in NYC; has opened numerous times for NYC band Black 47, and for Tommy Ramone's band Uncle Monk, as well as appearing at a variety of venues in the Northeast US since 2002, including the Harpoon Brewery St. Pat's Festival (both nights in 2007), The South Boston St. Pat's Parade, the Providence Fleadh, the "Irish Catskills", Sugarloaf Resort in VT, and Boston radio stations WBCN, WAAF and WMFO.

Their first full-length CD "When the Shite Hits the Fans" has been favorably reviewed in the Phoenix, and their second and third full-length CDs, "Another Round" and "Get Bombed" were released in March 2007. Currently the band is working on their "Traditional" CD "Songs Me Da Got Pissed To", as well as singles - hear the latest, "The Evil Of The Drink" in the player.

"The Gobshites are a gifted bunch of merrymakers, who will put a smile on your face and make you want to sing along."
(Tommy Ramone - Ramones/Uncle Monk)
The Gobshites live are a churning martini of Good songs and Bad intentions.
(Larry Kirwan - Black 47)


Album: Songs Me Da Got Pissed To (Good Cop Bad Cop Records March 2010)
Album: Get Bombed (Good Cop Bad Cop Records March 2007)
Album: Another Round (Good Cop Bad Cop Records March 2007)
Single: "Cheers" on What the Shite? (Shite n' Onions compilation V.2 2006)
Album: When the Shite Hits the Fans (Good Cop Bad Cop Records March 2005)
Single: "Questioningly" on Todos Somos Ramones (Rockaway Records Nov 2004)
Self-titled EP (2003)
Single: "Down But Not Out" on Return to the Scene of the Crime (Good Cop Bad Cop Records 2003)

Set List

A typical 45-min. set list includes "Irished-up" covers of songs by classic punk bands like The Ramones, Black Flag, Stiff Little Fingers, etc., "punked-up" Irish tunes like "Star of the County Down", plus original songs by Pete Walsh.

A typical set might include:
Streams of Whiskey (cover)
Trouble with Women (original)
Fisherman's Blues (cover)
Cheers (original)
That Woman's Got Me Drinking (cover)
Star of the County Down (trad. w/ original lyrics)
2 Much 2 Drink (cover)
Limerick (original with audience participation)
Dirty Old Town (cover)
Guinness Boys (cover)
Irish (cover)
Long Way Back to Ireland (cover w/ altered lyrics)

We have much more material (both original and covers), and typically play an entire night (i.e., three 45-50 min. sets w/ 10-15-min. breaks). We can adjust our presentation to be suitable for a variety of audiences (e.g. for family-oriented events we would perform "G-Rated" lyrics, for more traditional Irish venues we can include more popular t