Chester takes people back to a time when rock was dark, dirty, sexy and spiritual.


Chester is the amalgamated persona of five unlikely anti-heroes who were cruelly chosen by fate to be living proof that you can be legally retarded yet still follow your dreams.

Band interests include: rock music, hot chicks, alcohol, dream interpretation, celebrity deaths, mind alteration, advanced trigonometry, stupid movies, dogs, Ernest Hemingway, meat, time travel, smoking and porn.

Chester is made up of Jordan on vocals, Timmy and Simon on guitar, and Cory on bass. Their influences vary widely from the Deftones to Del the Funky Homosapien, from Bungle to Blind Guardian, from Prince to Prodigy, and so on. Having been active in the local scene for over two years, Chester has already made their presence known at such notable local hot spots as the Double Door, Subterranean, The Rave in Milwaukee, Otto's main-stage in DeKalb, and has opened and run extensive promotions for national and international acts such as Skindred (UK), Sound of Urchin, and Outernational, fresh off of their recording sessions with Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine.

Chester has earned a reputation for standing out in the local scene due to their creativity and style. Most people who come away from a Chester show comment on the on-stage energy, sense of humor, and freshness of the musical style. With such varied interests in mind, Chester writes specifically for what they would want to hear at a rock show, and not to fit into any specific musical genre or tight jeans. Wearing their hair long and dirty rather than neat or swooped over, Chester defies the mold and takes people back to a time when rock was dark, dirty, sexy and spiritual. The dual guitars will at times meld together to form a deep, gutteral rumble, and then spontaneously explode into melodic harmonies reminiscent of what you'd expect Randy Rhodes to sound like if he had jammed with Zack Wylde. The vocals are at time aggressive and snarling and then melodic and harmonious, while the lyrics are thought-provoking and poetic while still maintaining a down to earth delivery. Meanwhile the bass and drums intertwine and drive the machine through the gates of hell or into your mom's purse to steal her Ambien.

Chester is not an experience to pass up. Reviewers from the far corners of the Earth (Chicagoland) have been building more and more hype around this band and things seem to be getting bigger and better for them every day. Chester looks forward to making 2010 their most successful year yet and to spreading their weirdness as far beyond their hometown as the angry hordes of villagers will let them.


SOMA (EP) 2009

Good Day to Die (EP) 2008

SOMA (single)
2009 Airplay on WLUW 88.7fm

Home (single)
2009 Airplay on WLUW 88.7fm

My Imagination (single) 2009 Airplay on WLUW 88.7fm

Strange (single)
2009 Airplay on WLUW 88.7fm

Tranquilicious (Single) 2009 Support Your Scene Compilation Disc.

What Could I Do (Single) 2008-2009 airplay on WLUW Chicago 88.7fm, WNUR Chicago 89.3fm, Fearless Radio

Good Day to Die (Single) 2008-2009 airplay on WLUW Chicago 88.7fm, WNUR Chicago 89.3fm, Fearless Radio

Set List

Originals: *frequently included in set list.

Telepath (5 min)*
Soma (6 min)*
My Imagination (6 min)*
The Visitors (5 min)*
Aperture (4 min)*
Walking Into Traffic (5 min)*
Strange (5 min)*
Tranquilicious (5 min)*
Home (6 min)*
What Could I Do (4 min)
Candy (5 min)
After School Special (6 min)
Sleepwalker (5 min)
Epitaph (4 min)
Wake Up (5 min)
Sweetness (5 min)
Good Day to Die (6 min)
Happy Song (3 min)


Epic - Faith No More (6 min)
Three Little Pigs - Green Jelly (6 min)
Be Quiet And Drive - Deftones (4 min)
5 to 1 - The Doors (5 min)
Darling Nikki - Prince (4 min)
Walk - Pantera (5 min)
Aqualung - Jethro Tull (6 min)
Song 2 - Blur (3 min)
Hey Man Nice Shot - Filter (5 min)
Everlong - Foo Fighters (5 min)

Average set = 45 minutes.