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MC/Vocalist/Producer originally from MD. His style combines top notch lyricism and melody with hard hitting hip-hop production. A fan of many genres, he has no problem crossing musical borders. For fans of Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Atmosphere, Common, Kanye West, Oddisee, and Kam Moye (Supastition).


Godamus Rhyme has a message for the rest of world: "I'm better than you." Such statements should be expected, considering the epithet he's embraced over the past few years. A bold statement for such a relative unknown, but upon closer inspection one finds there is reason. Godamus is an army of one, simultaneously holding down the roles of rapper, singer, producer, engineer, promoter and multimedia designer. His latest endeavor, "6th Sense vs. Godamus Rhyme: The Adventures of Rhyme & Sense" serves as a testament to those skills.

Growing up in Prince George's County, part of the area known as the DMV, Godamus was surrounded by music his whole life, but began to take it seriously in middle school. Starting with nothing more than a 4 track and a Casio keyboard, he began producing and recording for himself and his friends out of necessity. "Nobody else was going to do it. We were all alone. Only one other crew in our high school rapped and we were better. I figured I'd give the studio thing a shot." Those early sessions sparked a passion for the creative process that led him to enroll at Hampton University's Music Technology program on a full academic scholarship. However, frustrations with the lack of focus on recording and production in the curriculum caused him to leave and enroll in Orlando, FL's world famous Full Sail University.

It was there he flourished, absorbing the teachings of platinum selling engineers and producers, while simultaneously honing his writing skills. During the wait for graduation Godamus recorded and released "Cocky Bastard: the Bootleg Files", his first mixtape. He entered battles and performed as often as possible around Orlando, promoting the release earning a reputation for an energetic live show and commanding stage presence.

Graduation came and went, and in 2005 Godamus joined forces with friends Redd Simpkins, Kap Kallous, and DJ Dolo to form Caveman Theory. During those years he would perfect his live show and delivery, demonstrating clear influences from artists like Busta Rhymes, Rakim, Black Star, Wu-Tang Clan and Big Pun.

Caveman Theory would go on to release "The Cro-Magnon Mixtape" and their debut album "The Stone Quartet". The LP received rave reviews across the country and overseas, reaching the top 10 on the CMJ Hip Hop charts. The group would tour up and down the east coast sharing stages with notables such as Sean Price, Immortal Technique, Jean Grae, and Murs. Sadly, the group would decide to part ways at the end of 2007.

Taking this as a sign, Godamus decided to re-emerge as a soloist and fully embraced his Cocky Bastard persona. There were no rules anymore, and it showed in the genius that led to his current style: a unique mix of rapping, vocalization, and hard hitting production.

April 28th, 2009 marks the release of "The Adventures of Rhyme & Sense", a mash up mixtape featuring Godamus rapping and singing over the full 32 tracks of "It's a 6th Sense Beat Yo!", the instrumental project released by New York producer 6th Sense in December 2008. "It took a month to finish," he explains. "Two weeks to write it all, and the rest of the time to finish the recording, mixing, edits and artwork. All while working a full time job. This is the only beginning. With a release schedule that calls for at least one more mixtape, an EP, and the possibility of a debut LP all before the end of the year, it's a safe bet you'll be hearing from this confident young man for a long time.

"The Adventures of Rhyme & Sense" is available for free download at www.godamusrhyme.com


6th Sense vs Godamus Rhyme - "The Adventures of Rhyme & Sense"
(2009 Rhyme Werks/Notherground Music)

Godamus Rhyme - "Cocky Bastard 1.5: the Early Bird EP"
(2008 Rhyme Werks)

Jon Connor - "The Calling Pt 2: the Second Coming"
(2008 All Varsity Ent.) [production, engineering]

D-Light - "Let There Be Light"
(2008 Lighthouse Records) [production, engineering, songwriting, vocals]

Caveman Theory - "The Stone Quartet"
(2007 Break'n Records) [group member, production, engineering]

iCON the Mic King - "Rent Money Music 2"
(2007 Indieground) [production, engineering, vocals]

Jon Connor - "Everybody Hates Connor"
(2007 All Varsity Ent.) [engineering, songwriting, vocals]

J Biz - "Real Audio"
(2007 Git Biz Prod.) [engineering]

Caveman Theory - "The Cro-Magnon Mixtape"
(2006 Break'n Records) [group member, production, engineering]

Kap - "The 2 Way Mirror"
(2006 Break'n Records) [production, engineering, vocals]

Jon Connor - "The Calling Pt. 1: The Prequel"
(2005 All Varsity Ent.) [Engineering]

Djimon - "Real Sh*t"
(2005 Handcuts/Universal Records) [vocals, songwriting]

iCON the Mic King - "Intricate Spectrum"
(2005 Beyond Space Ent.) [vocals, songwriting]

DJ Resident - "Fear & Loathing"
(2005 Neblina Records) [vocals, songwriting]

Godamus Rhyme - "Cocky Bastard: the bootleg files..."
(2004 Rhyme Werks)

Philaflava Presents - "A League Of Our Own vol. 2"
(2004 Vintage Music) [production, vocals, songwriting]

Dos Noun - "Compelling"
(2004 Manifest Music) [engineering, vocals, songwriting]

Cashmere the Pro - "For the Sidewalks"
(2004 Heavy Nuts Prod.) [vocals, songwriting]

HipHopHotSpot.com - "Bareskin Compilation"
(2004 HHHS) [vocals, production]

Set List

Able to accomadate sets from 10-60 minutes.