GODchild is a groove band that plays a lot of funk, rock, pop, a little reggae, some blues... basically just a good time. Lyrically we're either very positive or very silly or a little of both, but when you leave the GODchild show, you definitely feel better than you did when you first got there!


GODchild basically started in 1996 as a response to some of the negativity, hopelessness, even potential ambiguity that was becoming popular in music. We wanted to show that everything isn't all bad, and problems (including our own- transparency is a huge part of what we're about) really do have solutions. Our lyrics may be heartfelt and meaningful in one song and silly and playful in the next. There also weren't (and still really aren't) bands putting it down the way we put it down, with funk as the foundation. Not that we strive to be a funk band, but the groove either dominates or permeates pretty much everything we play and tends to set us apart from a lot of other bands. Some of our influences are JESUS CHRIST, old school funk/r&b/hip hop, B.B. King, Charlie Peacock, Prince, Deacon Wayne Flemming, Prince, British Pop, Fishbone, Sly and the Family Stone, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Rev. Michael Brown


...in progress.
working title: "veal"

Set List

our set list typically changes depending on the venue, but here's an example of a one-hour set:

there’s a new sound (muppet show selection)
bein’ on the black end
you’re soaking in it
GODchild sho’nuff
she called me a baboon (cover of michael jackson's "billie jean")
did you let the world in?
come get some
i know that my Redeemer liveth
i am somebody now

Encore: The Solid Rock (uses the temptations' "shakey ground")