brandon  greene

brandon greene

BandHip Hop

Hip Hip Divinely inspired for the purpose of healing hearts, saving souls, leading the blind.


Brandon "Pro-Lyphek" Greene. Always knew he had a gift for ther arts whether it was films or music. However he was constanly rebelling unilt god took everything from him including his pastor. Music and writing was always the way Brandon dealt with his problems. Whether it was his father being incarcerated or his feelings of low self esteem. Whatever the issue or the emotion Brandon would write about it. At first he would write in context of god, but as we'll all do at one time or another...Brandon became convinced that thw world would be more inclined to hear a conscious rapper as opposed to a gospel rapper. Brandon has since put away such ideas as good works outside of god mean absolutely nothing. He has rededicated his life to serving god through his music and his films.