BandHip Hop

Hard hitting live band backing the effortless, silky smooth flow of a true hip-hop MC. Positivity but reality is the message that anyone can relate to. From the hardest on the street to the straight-laced corporate "big", all will come away with the same feeling... G-ODD is one of the best.


Born in Chicago and raised in the historic streets of Detroit, G-ODD is just what the game's in need of-a fresh breath of reality. With two studio album releases under his belt, and a live hip-hop album on slate for 2009, G-ODD is ready to set the Hip-Hop world afire. G-ODD brings raw but groomed lyrics and concepts to an industry that has in the eyes of many gotten away from its true
mission-the edutainment of its urban foundation. With his partner in rhyme, Dwayne "Smitty Rock" Smith, G-ODD has put together projects that encompass the true essence of Hip-Hop in all of it's elements. With his dynamic band, "The Pokaface Sharx" supplying that hard hitting but smooth sounding rhythm, G-ODD offers his listeners an abundant helping of wholesome Hip-Hop vittles that are sure to satisfy the most discerning of musical palates. The musical influences that G-ODD and the Sharx draw from range in taste from Cab Calloway to James Brown and from Afrika Bambatta to Prince and the Revolution. But he wouldn't be the MC he is today if not for the likes of KRS-ONE, Rakim and Nas, his major influences on the mic. Hopefully, you've heard enough about G-ODD and the Sharx and now it's time you HEARD G-ODD and the PokaFace Sharx!


Singles - 2004 - The Godd is on his Way
Beyond Comparable
2007 - Roc Hop
2008 - It's so Hip Hop
Walk With You
Album - 2004 - Real Life
2009 - I'm Real

Set List

Typical set list consist of :
Hip hop
Godd is on his way
Roc Hop
Beyond Comparable
My Mind State
It's so Hip Hop
I'm Real
Walk With U

Set usually runs between 30 minutes to an hour depending on time given.