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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Brum Notes Magazine (November Edition)"

God Damn- A testifying blues, prog rock, metal thrash up... and if you think that sounds a pretty awesome combination you'd be right. - Brum Notes

"Distorted Tapes"

Somewhere in deepest, darkest, Wolverhampton,
in a decaying warehouse overlooking a canal, three young men have spent the last year meddling with the dark art of pedal boards and cheap lager, honing their art to brutal perfection. God Damn fuse together metal and the blues to create a sonic assault which not only plays homage to the Black Country’s roots as the spiritual home of metal, but has delivered a much needed shot in the arm for the Midlands music scene.
(Interview also in link) - Distorted Tapes

"The Hearing Aid"

Next up God Damn, a testifying blues grunge prog rock pop (yes...pop...) metal thrashup...and if that sounds like a pretty awesome combination you’d be right. It is. Their theme tune God Damn, veers recklessly from brooding noodly bits to full on aural assaults, toying with your senses like a bulldog with a kitten. Neat. Wigger does a similar trick of luring you in with a gentle opening section before kicking in your ears with some dirty bruising guitars. Makes Queens of the Stone Age sound like pussies. A (skull) cracking performance. - The Hearinng Aid

"Ruins Of Ayanez"

Saw God Damn live on Christmas Eve Eve, and it was a truly spectacular performance, I feel like I’ve found my new favourite local band now, a band to be truly proud of. This was a stand out of their set and a highlight of a fantastic album. - Ruins Of Ayanez

"Music Broke My Bones"

What I know about God Damn is this: They have two guitar and no bass. Their drummer hits things really hard, and really well. He also wears vests when they play live.

Frontman Thom is for one, a stellar chap and for another has a great talent for ‘letting loose’ when he’s on stage, and no, I don’t mean anything fecal, he’s not GG Allin, but he’s the closest thing I’ve seen this side of the millennium. And he drives a black Capri called Mildred.

Copson is one of the most musically savvy people you could ever hope to meet, having once performed at a gig where he was also the sole sound technician. Mr Weaver is a monster behind the kit. Expect heavy, primal beats with chilling precision.

What I’m getting at is that you should GO SEE THIS BAND LIVE, AND LISTEN TO THEIR SHIT.

So far they have graced the stage with the likes of The James Cleaver Quintet, Kong, Blacklisters, The Chapman Family, Talons and Gay for Johnny Depp.

As well as filling your soul with more metal than it can handle, God Damn also do a smashing job of incorporating other key influences into their sound, heavy hints of hardcore, blues, grunge and prog rock can all be heard all over the shop. One song ever has some harmonica in it that Dave can actually play, like well! Shocker. They have a sound that can win most anyone over the the dark side of modern music whilst keeping die hard metal fans more than content.

If you’re the kind of person that wants to know what something sounds like before you dive in, you might want to think about things like **The Jesus Lizard, Black Keys, 80's Matchbox, Martin Tomlinson, Pixies, Mars Volta, Seven J’s, Hendrix, Homme, Cash, White, Page, Bonham and The Devil-Hughes** All of which I lifted straight from their very own Facebook page.

So far they are yet to give us something physical to hold onto and sing us to sleep at night, but hang tight and keep your ears open, if the gods are good, it will come. For now you can find their stuff here.

Another thing!

They’re good at making video’s that don’t have much colour but have much eating takeaways, setting fire to stuff, dressing up funny and the aforementioned car. - Music Broke My Bones

"Blue Radio Top 10"

Top 10 (Number 1) placing for God Damn. - Blue Radio Records


7inch single: God Damn/How To Behave scheduled for release in February via Distorted Tapes.



GOD DAMN - Back in the summer of 2010 two like-minded guitarists and one power house of a drummer met in a lock-up situated in an old canal side factory at the heart of the recently crowned home of metal, the Black Country. In a competition to see who could create the fattest sounding axe, the two frontmen quickly realised that with the sounds they were creating there was no point to having a bassist.

Drawing from their mother land heritage, God Damn flirt with elements of early heavy metal whilst incorperating other key influences from hardcore through to blues, grunge and elements of prog.

Citing artists such as The Jesus Lizard, Black Keys, 80's Matchbox, Martin Tomlinson, Pixies and Mars Volta whilst remaining true to their bible, comprising of Seven J's - Hendrix, Homme, Cash, White, Page, Bonham and The Devil-Hughes, the band create a polyphonic, octave fuzz beating that rips your face off and staples it back onto your skull, pop hooks with barbs that just wont come out and percussion that gets through wood like bushfire.

Since formation the band have shared the stage with underground legends such as The James Cleaver Quintet, Kong, The Chapman Family, Fever Fever, Blacklisters, Talons and Gay For Johnny Depp. Recently finishing the recording of their first batch of ten songs, the band are looking to spread their unique sound and win over the devil in all of us.