Sandy Denny meets Joanna Newsome. Melodic, catchy songs about trolls and fairies. Funny. Homemade horsehair fiddle. Beautiful, friendly, harsh.


Goddess is an experimental folk trio from Brooklyn. We have ethereal vocals and a brooding fiddle. The sound is Sandy Denny meets early Pink Floyd, unplugged. We make some of our instruments, like the horsehair fiddle and the stick. We are performance based, wear elaborate Victorian/Prairie costumes. Our songs are about witches, N.J. folklore, trolls. Intense, friendly live shows. Usually play art spaces or smaller rock clubs.


2008 Bloodmiel records full-length release
produced by David Grubbs

Set List

Set is typically 40-60 minutes. 10-15 songs. No covers!
myspace.com/goddessisthemind bunch of songs up.