Goddess Delirious

Goddess Delirious

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Singer/guitar player dada and his band invoke the shaman presence of Jim Morrison and the guitar stylings of Jimi Hendrix. Original songs, sufi poems, hindu philosophy and magick words, all to the backdrop of brilliant electric guitar.


“However vast, however incomprehensible, however terrifying this entire display may seem to be, it is at root your own inmost self, the self which you cannot see, nor touch, nor pin down nor control, because it’s too close, too near, right in the middle of everything…because it’s You”

Those words are at the end of the ten minute piece "who puts it on" by goddess delirious. Memorizing huge amounts of words and setting them to music is one of dada’s many specialties. As the rocknroll/hindu trance draws to a close, the band breaks away from the groove they’ve been laying down, and into a jam for the climax. The sound is psychedelic, heavy, exciting. The songs are melodic and catchy. Goddess Delirious has a style with strong overtones of classic rock and blues, but it is the undertones of many influences that set them apart. Indian and middle eastern classical music, tribal and futuristic trance, fusion. Dada likes to make his guitar sound like Miles Davis’ horn in the 70s. Frank Zappa is a big influence on the guitar playing. There are literary influences as well…The writings of Robert Anton Wilson, William S. Burroughs and Alan Watts influence the lyrics. Andy Warhol influences the attitude. Conceptual post-modern art provides the framework for the performance of such a diverse range of styles. The harmonic system of Gurdjieff and the mayan calendar tie everything together. All this is under the surface, the result is sexy, entrancing, powerful.

On songs like “conspiracy” or “America, in brackets” the words are loud and clear. A sample of the words from “America, in brackets”: Suburban condo trailerpark tomb, tobacco in the womb, fruit of the doom, drive-in buzzcut pinned and striped, boyscouts, rollerskates, give the boy a pipe, creature feature, cut the matinee, pot roast gourmet, buy one today…happiness, happiness, all together smile, soda pop and bile, America, heil…” It’s a recipe for fun!

One of the biggest influences is Aleister Crowley...the music is alternately driving and intense, mysterious and elusive as dada says the magick words. As Crowley says in the Book of the Law, “Beauty and strength, leaping laughter and delicious languor, force and fire, are of us.” – Liber AL chap.II,20

Goddess Delirious is a band from ny city.

Set List

Goddess Delirious usually plays two sets, 45-50 minutes each.

sample sets:

1. Love Me (changed to Fuck Me) by E.Presley - 3min.
2. America in Brackets by goddess delirious - 3min.
3. Apocalypse by goddess delirious - 8min.
4. Conspiracy by goddess delirious - 3min.
5. Back around again by goddess delirious - 3min.
6. Thing police by goddess delirious - 3min.
7. The stars that play with laughing sams dice by jimi hendrix - 5min.
8.. Outer space girl by goddess delirious - 3min.
9. Shaman's Blues by the doors - 5min.
10. Too Far by the quicksilver messenger service - 3min.
11. Black Light Baby by goddess delirious - 3min.
12. Pray Pray Pray by goddess delirious - 6min.

--second set

1. Been in a trance blues by goddess delirious - 4min.
2. Mysterious Penetration by goddess delirious - 5min.
3. Midnight sun by jimi hendrix - 6min.
4. Book of the Law chapter II by goddess delirious - 8min.
5. Goldenrod by goddess delirious - 4min.
6. Tentacles of time by goddess