Goddisciples (aka 3d)

Goddisciples (aka 3d)

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Blend together 3, different, never before heard flavors and get....Us! I gurantee you won't see a group mix like this everyday...That's actually worth listening to!God, Unique styles, and production bring you Goddisciples.


No one but God could have put these three together. Now they are 19 (Stephy Jey), 14 (I.C.E.), and 17 (1 of a Kind). They make a flavor so diverse, and set aside that you can't say " oh they sound like what's his name"! Praise be to God they are very tight in their relationship with Christ and with each other, but that was a process which is even still perpetual. They all came to the group with different issues, hurts, fears, and visions. God used those differences to to exfoliate the rough edges on them and to uproot some internal weeds.
The group beat the statistics (praise be to God) of the average group length, but they came close to calling it quits more than once. After the group almost split half way through the recording phase, God revealed to them how the enemy hated what they did and hated them being together as brothers. They then, individually, and as a group had to make the choice to be prepared for whatever the enemy threw at them next. Righteous indignation rose up in them, and the moment they decided they were going to be Battle Ready, God revealed that action as the Project/Album title.

The group has been through many tribulations, but many great times also came. They began to recieve more show oportunities and were blessed to travel to TN to learn from the world renound stage coach Tom Jackson! They even appeared on JCTV! They also have recently performed at western Washington's largest music festival "Freedom Fest" and are winners of the ITM awards best new group award. They continue to learn what being a true minister is and they seek God in every creation session to master their craft. This bio continues to grow as time progresses.

3D Bouta' Show You How We Do It Now!


Battle Ready (2007)
Rock like me on album Battle Ready was on the top 14 hip hop charts for Indie-Music.com

808 ft. Antjaun Banks (single released 2007)

Set List

Nice Things
Father Figure
Rock Like Me
Battle Ready

OUr average set is about 15 munites, but can be longer. We do not do covers.