Go Deep

Go Deep


Go Deep takes modern worship beyond a genre and creates music that evokes worship from the inside out. Unrestrained, honest lyrics wrapped in unforgettable modern-rock melodies turn great music into a spiritual experience.


A passion to connect with God in intimate relationship is the driving force behind Go Deep's ministry. They believe every person's primary purpose in life is to develop a lifestyle of seeking God with their whole heart ("you will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart" Jeremiah 29:13).

Go Deep was formed in 1999 by Michael and Sherrie Howell. Both growing up in pastor’s homes, they have spent their lives serving the church through working with youth, children and leading worship. Go Deep began as small regional gatherings of youth and college groups got together for special evenings to just focus on God and enjoy time in his presence. Those small gatherings quickly grew to hundreds and then thousands. By 2003 the band was doing around 100 events a year and knew it was time to leave job, house and home to pursue their calling full time.

Drawing on a wide range of musical influences like U2, Simple Minds, The Beatles, Counting Crows and Radio Head (to name a few), the band has carved out a musical niche with a spiritual depth and feel to their music that has drawn a loyal following that crosses generational borders.

They have released several independent CD’s and drawn much attention from the music industry by producing music that holds up to the majors and selling over 10,000 units with no marketing or promotional support. They also nabbed the #1 position on the Christian Rock Charts in September of 2004 with the worship anthem “Bless You Lord” (with the help of Damos radio servicing). June 6th of 2006 marks their first official “National” release. In partnership with Indelible records (a Word/Warner/Elektra/Atlantic partner) they will be featured on “Velocity”.

President of Indelible, Chris Thomason says: "Each of these artists is very focused on what they are doing and why they are doing it-they are ministers before they are musicians," Thomason says. "Velocity's purpose is to connect people with that deeper place, moving them nearer to God. It's our desire to serve these indie standouts with a distribution platform that unveils not only their message but also their remarkable gifts as musicians and songwriters."

Indelible is planning several Velocity live touring events in the fall of 2006. World Vision (in partnership with Maxx Technology) is sponsoring the tour, which will feature several artists from the project.

Leading worship is the primary function of the band. It is their desire that times of corporate worship become catalysts that draw people into a deeper walk with the Lord and lead to a lifestyle of worship. Youth retreats and camps are home to Go Deep through the spring and summer months. "All Generations" church services have also become a major focus for the band. As Michael intermingles the Word in extended times of worship, in these intimate "holy moments", they are seeing families and relationships restored. “There seems to be this sense of common ground in an atmosphere of worship and it just seems as if there’s a grace there to forgive, heal and move forward” (-Michael Howell).

In more of a "concert" setting (still keeping worship the focus) they have been privileged to share the stage with some great Christian artists this past year including:

Audio Adrenaline
The Afters
Barlow Girl
By the Tree
Chris Tomlin
David Crowder Band
Matthew West
Manic Drive
Sanctus Real
Russ Taff

Accepted by audiences both young and old, becoming somewhat of a bridge across generational gaps, they have been honored to lead worship at conferences preceding some of todays foremost ministers including:

John Bevere
Jesse Duplantis
Bill Britt
R.W. Shamboch
Dennis Burke
Terry Mize
Kenneth Copeland
Gloria Copeland
Mylon LeFevre
Jerry Savelle
Adam McCain

They have appeared several times on the Daystar Network and been featured multiple times on Kenneth Copelandís BVOV TV program as well as the Voice of Victory Magazine.

Since it's beginning days in 1999, the band members have changed from time to time in keeping with Michael's vision of Go Deep being a "community" of worshippers. Our current touring lineup is:

Kevin Daughtry (Bass)
Michael Phelps (guitar)
Nick Leitzinger (drums)
Sherrie Howell (keys/vocals)
Michael Howell (vocals/guitar)



Written By: (Words: Michael Howell/Music: Michael Howell & Michael Phelps)

Verse 1
I will bless You, Lord
For You have done great things
Lord, You are the One
Who set my spirit free

Bless you, Lord
Oh my soul
Rejoices, rejoices in You
(repeat twice)

Verse 2
I will lift my hands
To worship You, my King
And give my life, a sacrifice
The song I sing
To glorify You
For all my days
For all my days


My heart, my soul
My everything
A gift of praise to You I bring
To glorify, to glorify You



Written By: (Words & Music: Michael Howell)

Jesus, all I want to do
Is lift up holy hands to You
And praise Your Holy Name
You’re the One that I adore
You leave me wanting nothing more
You’re my everything
Yes, You are, Lord,
You’re my everything

Verse 1
When I was down
You picked me up
Emptied out and You filled my cup
Lost and undone
My life was such a wreck
Then You saved
Yea, then You saved me
Yea, then You saved me Lord

(Chorus x2)


Written By: (Words & Music by Michael Howell)

Standing on the waters’ edge, I can feel the ground as it trembles now, as the waves crash down, I can hear the sound of the rage within to get back to the place where it all began---I don't why I try to keep my heart so tied to what my eyes can see, they get the best of me, the river runs inside, I swim against the waves, I cannot fight the tide, it carries me away---(chorus) I don't want to live my life just watching it go by, standing on the waters’ edge, if the choice is mine I think I'll take a swim and dive---the water's deep and the water’s wide, I feel the undertow of the world go by as I drift away on the waves You bring, I release control and give everything---(repeat chorus)---out here on the water it's so wonderful, out here on the water I am free---(repeat chorus)---I can hear the sound of the rage within to get back to the place where it all began, drift away on the waves You bring---and the water’s deep, the water’s wide, I feel the undertow of the world go by as I drift away on the waves You bring, I release control, give You everything and dive


*1999 No Other Place
*2001 Live EP
*2001 Swimming Towards the Sun (Simple Minds Tribute)
Blowfish Records
*2003 Load Up (companion to Load Up Youth Devotional)
Heirborne Records/Harrison House Publishing
*2004 Brighter Than the Sun
*2004 O Come All Ye Faithful (Christmas Single)
*2005 Where We All Belong
*2006 Velocity (Compilation)
Indelible Creative Group
Word/WEA (Warner/Electra/Atlantic)

Set List

Current Originals in set:
All Praise
Be Still
Bless You Lord
Come In
Consume Me
Know You More
Live To Worship
Lose Myself
Take My Heart
There Is A Name
The Way You Love Me
Where We All Belong
With Me Always
You Are Holy
You Want It All
Your Love
You're My Everything

Current Covers:
Amazing Love (Various/Modern Rendition)
Be Glorified (Spencer Nordyke)
Can You Hear Us (David Crowder Band)
Fields of Grace (Big Daddy Weave)
Forever (Chris Tomlin)
Friend Forever (Delirious)
God Of Wonders (Various)
Heart Of Worship (Matt Redman)
Holy Is The Lord (Chris Tomlin)
How Great Is Our God (Chris Tomlin)
I Am Free (Desperation/Newsboys)
I Cannot Hide My Love (Vineyard)
I Can’t Live Without You (Big Daddy Weave)
I Could Sing of Your Love (Delirious)
I’m Not Ashamed (Delirious)
I Will Follow You (Vineyard)
I Will Not Forget You (Ben Pasley)
It Is You (Newsboys)
Jesus (Passion)
Jesus, Holy and Anointed (Various/Modern Rendition)