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Enid, OK | Established. Jan 01, 1994

Enid, OK
Established on Jan, 1994
Band Metal Electronic




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"Stillborn" (2004)

"Bringing in the Virus" (2006/7)

"Complex animals" (2009)

"Changes" (2012)

"Afterbirth" (TBA)



The year 1987....

   A dark night in the woods, two young lovebirds in a tent.... a twig snap, a moment of worry "go check it out" she says. He exits the tent only to find standing before him a figure, twisted and mangled. The dead have risen and the creature screams, only to vanish a moment later 

Saturday morning, cartoons and cereal. Young billy sits to watch his favorite cartoon "super attack action garett force GO!" the villain is upon final world domination defeating captain garett and no one left to stand in his way..... suddenly he vanishes....

little jonny just left his local comic book shop with the latest greatest comic of all time "DO-ZAR the destroyer" reading each page intently he becomes entranced as he reaches the last page the comic seems electrified and the images ....vanish ... 

the tv statics as the commercial for "super satan" the action series comes on ..... the tv begins to shake and erupts into a plasmic electric explosion the screen goes blank and silent ...

YEAR 2017- 
     the Mad scientist "DR. Science" has created a remote control that brings from the past anything he wants, and he wants super villains for his own sinister plans, little did he know he brought back the most vile, the most evil and ....well the most bumbling idiots possible. Not knowing what else to do being stuck in modern times they did the only thing they could do ....

welcome to this reality GOD IN A MACHINE ...

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