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GODisBIG Ministries

 Kansas City, Missouri, USA
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Real Soul Music. Grown man gospel rap. True worship in its genre. Sounds like peace in the midst of storm, and hope in times of trouble. Hip hop can worship, because God is Big!


GODisBIG Ministries was started by Lawrence Smith as a means to counteract the negative influences of today's popular music. He felts led by God to show the world that music can be good in every aspect, both sonically and lyrically. That is still the goal, but the purpose of GODisBIG has morphed to include actual ministry, catering to the needs of the hungry, the poor, and the downtrodden. The music is still very much a part of what we do, but now we have coupled it with good works that actually help relieve people of their ills. That's what sets us apart. We live what we rhyme about. We are influenced by Jesus, who has affected this world like noone else. Now we want to do the same: Affect this world, like no other in the music industry. There is a revolution, and it is starting now. GODisBIG. For booking, you can call 913-548-6814 or email godisbigministries@hotmail.com. If emailing, please type 'Booking request' in the subject line.


Doorags & Showercaps

Written By: Lawrence Smith

Hook: Sometimes when I look back (To days of),
Doorags and Showercaps (I wanna)
Thank God He brought me from a long way, a long way (And when I)
Recognize the place I’m at (I know that)
Doorags & Showercaps (will make me)
Thank God He brought me from a long way, a long way. (2x)

V.1: I use to spray my head, with bottles of anger and pride,
And touched it up disobedience to keep my mind fried.
Depression curled, and resentment took hold,
I was juiced into an attitude that threatened my soul (yeah!)
But then came Christ, the new man activator,
Praise came in waves, the old man began to fade
This is permanent, yep, I’m straightened out fo’ sho’,
No more wondering where to go, no more wandering to and fro.
I’ve got purpose now, since I’ve picked out the naps.
So where your head at, tell me where your head at?


V.2: I’m a dope rhyme pugilist, an omnipresent lyricist,
You’re a practitioner but the Doc is a specialist.
Psych! Thought I was hype but I was still just a foreigner.
So get a coroner, ‘cause I was dead to life and uh…
I went to church and it was phat but when I left the spot,
I soon forgot where I was at when I was Baby Doc.
You know that fly MC, was gonna die indeed,
I was so high on me, I couldn’t spy my need.
But Jesus Christ could see, and gave His life for me,
And now that I’m set free, I see what I use to be…
And I thank Him.


V.3: Back in the day, when I was young, and when I thought I was fresh,
When folks was banging I was vibing off my intellect.
Thought I was thorough, but God has since been showing me that,
Was just as bound as that cat, doing the gangsta raps.
When I was bumpin’ my thoughts, and people were giving me dap.
Satan set up a trap, hoping that I would be back.
But I’m gonna book, on that road full of grace,
I got to make it to the end ‘cause He’s preparing me a place.
And yes, I do remember what I use to do,
But I don’t want it bad enough to stray away from you.


Keyboard Solo


Walking In The Snow

Written By: Lawrence Smith

I’m walking 470 and my van’s out of gas, right?
Should have filled it up like I was going to do last night.
But I didn’t, so now I’m walking in 5 inches of snow,
Thinking this ain’t how I wanted Thanksgiving weekend to go.
Oh why do I gotta be stuck in a situation that sucks,
Thought I was done with those bad days of having “Lawrence luck”.
Pulling my collar up and hunching my shoulders down,
Put my hands in my pockets then slipped and fell to the ground.
Before I fixed my lips to curse and my conscious became seared,
The Spirit sparked in my heart and said that “God is right here” Like,
“You take Me for granted on sunny days when you step,
By yourself but you need help and My presence needs to be felt”.
As the bitter and cold winds, swirled and blew in my face,
I was calmed, and encouraged, by the warmth of His grace.
So while the tempest of temper threatened to wreck me for real,
Jesus stood at the helm of my heart and said “Peace…”

It doesn’t matter if the winds gonna blow, then let them blow,
I’m nothing special I’m your average Joe, walking through snow.
I don’t know why it happens but I do know Who’s in control,
And He brings peace to my soul, while I walk through the snow.
Don’t ask why it happens to me, because, yo, I don’t know,
Ask why God’s people shouldn’t be the ones to walk in the snow.
See when trouble comes, grace will abound, and we grow,
Instead of cursing, I’m praising, while I walk through the snow.

Stop What Ya Doin

Written By: Lawrence Smith, James Nunn

Verse 1: God's folk, don't desire to get crunked in the club, and God's folk, don't aspire to be rolling on dubs, and God's folk don't have that fire to be smoking that bud, and if you do, then you're a liar and you're mocking His love, We that, five year old telling that girl in her class, that it's only what she does for Jesus Christ that'll last, We that, preacher walking in the midst of that drug deal, to talk to the lost saying that Jesus is real, 'cause He's the Most High, that's why we stay on the grind, and on Sunday morning's we ain't hard to find we,

"At the churches in praise and worship, giving God props 'cause He gave us purpose, we participate let's get that clear, we ain't here just to soak up this atmosphere",

While you, wasting your time practicing your appearance, we're up in the Spirit practicing perserverance...

(Hook) Stop what you're doin', 'cause I'm about to ruin, the image and the style that you're used to...(4x)

Verse 2: Take note, see this is more than a song, it's ministry, correcting those caught up in the wrong. With all patience and doctrine, together we kick knowledge like soccer to close the chapter like lockers. Because you know the Lord, you know I honor you, that's why we gotta stop the lost, before grace, we was following y'all. Now we've been commanded to tell you to 'halt', and obey the law, not of the death, you know the one of the Lord. Yahweh, yeah we love that name, you gotta love His ways, He said 'love your neighbor', I gotta hug for you hater, now that's the way to resolve, situations abroad watch Him erase the flaws, I give it all to the Savior. That's why the prayers and the praise mix, can't do one without the other bro, face it. He's better than the alcohol, better than a facelift, you better break addictions and quick, see He don't play y'all.


Verse 3: I've been labeled with something more than ink when in fact, I've been embedded with a Spirit more distinct than a tat. Since I've been baptized, I put on Christ like minks and a hat, check the label, not in speech, but how I think and I act. Outfitted with a garment that won't wrinkle and that, is how I make preperation 'cause in a blink He'll be back. If that's the hope of every Christian we won't shrink from attack, we won't sink in the gaps, when on the brink of collapse. Having a Savior means that we don't have to drink of His wrath, Jesus as Lord means we don't have to curse when we rap. We rehearse when we rap, we put Him first 'cause He's that, we stay up in His Word, like Biblical insomniacs, we don't sleep on Psalms or Acts, see we praise Him like David, enslave and kill worldly behavior to stay linked and intact. "It's like this y'all", keepin' it succinct and exact, from the place where I'm at, to each precinct on the map, a'ight stop!


He's Comin Back

Written By: Lawrence Smith

V. 1: The sound, of shattered silence after 3 days, came in the form of an earthquake,
But it wasn't the earthquake, that caused the Roman guards to quake and to shake.
It was that stone, that stone that stood in the doorway,
Designed to keep disciples away, that stone was rolling away.
Jesus was conquering death, the death that made us afraid,
But the empty grave showed death a slave, to the One who was raised.
Romans guards were amazed, but of course, this was made,
Into a hoax or a charade, by the ones who were paid.
Swoon theories were laid, and the disciples were portrayed,
As lying fanatics who'd stolen, Christ from the grave.
Man, this is far more significant than a "thump, thump clap",
So I pray that you catch the point, conveyed in this rap.
Peter saw He was raised, so did the rest of the pack,
Five hundred saw Him displayed, and you cannot refute that.
Jesus correctly did say, that He would die and be raised,
If we agree with John and Acts, then we know He's comin' back!

Hook: When Jesus died on the cross, He declared it was done,
Then God, by resurrecting Him declared Him His Son.
And we, as believers, we declare Him the One,
Who will return for His people, so we prepare for His comin'.
He's comin' back ya'll, Jesus is coming back! (4x)

We wait, while the bridegroom prepares us a place,
And this act of His grace demands an activist faith.
So wathch, therefore, become a vessel of light,
You're the bride of the Christ, and He's coming back for His wife.
Like a thief in the night, we don't know the day or the hour,
But we'll be beacons if we might, seek to preach Him with our life.
And we carry the truth, you'll see us bearing some fruit,
So that God can be glorified, by the things that we do.
So work, therefore, because we're given a weight,
And we carry it according tjo our measure of faith.
But the measure don't matter unless we do what it takes,
To ensure the world at large sees His character traits.
Yes there will be a judgment and yes, there will be a sentence,
And as children of the King we ought to show some resemblance.
To the Father and His Son who's coming back for His own,
If you're infused with His DNA, then (poof!) you'll be gone!


As soldiers we get militant, be sober and be vigilant,
We represent the Risen be about our Father's business.
Be diligent, the world is full of bitterness and arrogance,
We givin' them a witness so their hearts would become penitent.
What we mean is living what is written in the Scripture,
When we spit it, then the numb to the Word, can be feelin' it.
Present it then the dumb to the Word, can be gettin' it.
Reveal it to the ones who the Word, has been hidden.
What's significant is Christ is coming back to conguer wickedness,
And He don't want you sleeping in sin, but sleeping in Him.
And I don't want you ignorant, Jesus' return is imminent,
You thought the Red Sea was impressive you ain't seen a tenth of it.
Peace and safety He's splittin' it with a sound of an instrument,
With a shout of magnificence, partin' clouds with His entrance.
His return will put a stop to all the spiritual ambivalence,
Christ likes are gettin' in, Un-likes'll miss Him.


Written By: Lawrence Smith

V.1: I'm back, it's Lawrence Smith, that, warrior servant,
And my , worship is fervent, 'cause my, person was purchased.
I was, certainly worthless, Christ He, hurt for my purpose,
Now I, work in His service, though did nothing to deserve it.
The grace is His, the faith is His,
He showed me what His greatness is, in the face of my sins.
When He gave for my sins, faced the grave for my sins,
Then He traded for my weight, so that the weight was His.
He gave me righteousness, took my filthy rags,
He removed all of the shame and the guilt that I had.
That'd be reason enough to offer Him the fruit of my lips,
But He made Himself available for a relationship.
I prise God for the Lord, and I bow to my King,
And I'm glad for my Friend who understands, my pain,
He lived His life perfectly, tho' death was the aim.
So I wouldn't have to suffer the flame, and that's personal!

Hook: He loved us 'til it hurt and oh,
We makin' that personal.
Redeemed us from the curse and so
We keep Him first you know, it's so personal. (2x)

V.2 So here I am, a Philemon who He chose to redeem,
Made pristine by sacrifices that He needn't have seen.
He brought all to the table whe I had nothing to bring,
His love was evident, pre-dating John 3:16.
In the creation of the earth, the sun the moon and the stars,
In creating the sky, and keeping day and night apart.
In commanding the waters to only go so far,
He established a majesty uncontained by these bars.
Atoms rearranged themselves, by the words that He spoke,
There was nothing existing that didn't come from His throat.
But when it came time, for man to be made,
He put His hands in the clay, after these words that He spake.
"Let Us make him in our image and likeness I
will give Him dominion on earth and make him righteous".
With the breath He used to create everything that we know,
He breathed in us and we became living souls, and that's personal!


V.3 You know what floors me? Besides the fact He died for my wrongs?
The Lord of glory, was not content to leave me alone.
Did not ignore me, but told me that with Him I belonged,
And He restored me, like David in the 23rd psalm.
So when my money's like leaves on trees, blown away by the breeze,
And I'm driving something held together by oil and antifreeze.
When my tears, flow freely because I miss Chayla Marie,
It is well, the God of all comfort, He conforteth me.
And He wondrously, answers every plea,
And every nee, supplied by God my Everything.
This is a privilege that I did nothin' to earn,
And all the benefits abound at every turn.
And as I'm pennin' this for His presence I yearn,
So will stick with this, until this life is adjourned.
How could God have such conern, over one such as me,
That He stepped in to handle it, personally!


Bible Study

Written By: Lawrence Smith

There was a king who had a son, and they both were excited,
The son was getting married, they sent for the invited.
But the bidden didn't come, yeah they tripped like United,
The king sent other servants when the first ones were slighted.
To say "the feast is ready, come and grab you a bite,
Come and celebrate with me, for my son found a wife".
Some laughed, then they left, to their farms and merchandises,
The rest killed the servants after treating them with spite.
Needless to say, the king he didn't like it,
Killed the killers then sent for the uninvited.
The wedding was furnished but something just wasn't right,
There was a man who wasn't dressed for this memorable night.
So the king asked, "What's up with the Fubu shirt and the Nikes?"
When no answer was given, the man was bound up tight,
Cast in the outer night, weeping and gnashing his plight,
Many are called, but few are chosen, a'ight!
'What does it say'? We begin by practicing observation.
'What does it mean'? We practice some proper interpretation.
'What does it mean to me'? Put what we've seen & learned,
what we've read & discerned, into some practical application.

The invited in this passage of Scripture, were the Jews,
We dedeuce this by taking note of who he was talking to.
And the points He made in the previous chapter of Matthew,
Of the sons, and husbandmen who weren't giving fruit.
Back in the day, when the prophets would deliver God's news,
They were ignored and mocked, some they beat and they slew.
God made a covenant with them, but I guess they got it confused,
Like following rules, was enough to be a part of His crew.
So they broke the contract and for the moment God was through,
In order to bring salvation to us, the non Jew.
And everything so cool, but what about that dude,
They brought, from the road, his clothes, all askew.
The wedding host provided the clothes, from the lid to the shoes,
So to reject the provision the host has offered to you,
Was to reject the host, and His mercy, that's what he refused,
So he was cast out, a stranger who received what was due.

Now God has done something wonderful, when He gave of His Son,
Opened the door to be reconciled, and bids us to come.
Share in the joy of His salvation, extended to everyone,
No matter your race, color creed, sex, or occupation.
Now we can turn away because we're having our fun,
Or we can mock Him, unbelieving all that Jesus has done.
It doesn't seem the way to go, because when judgment'll come,
And it'll come, the wrath of God ain't out to spare anyone.
Not only that, but when you come with your fake, hallelujahs,
$10,000 for the suit, $5,000 for the shoes,
Hanging out with Christlikes, but when there is nothing to ya,
God sees your heart, which means He's looking right through ya.
Be baptized in Christ, is what you gotta do,
You don't want to hear "depart, I never knew ya".
Put on the garment that God has provided you,
Again, many are called but the chosen are few.


Written By: Lawrence Smith

Verse I: Salvation’s so easy like the A B C’s
‘Cause Christ is so avail A B L E
Said ‘yes’, now I’m blessed like I just sneezed
Now I’m walking in truth no L I E
I was so full of P R D E, and ‘I’ was in the center it was all about me.
Fasted from holiness and so M T, ‘till Jesus made me part of His family!
Hook: I will L O V E love Him all the T I M E time,
I am H I S His and He is M I N E
And I will L I V E live until the day I D I E
When I will L I V E E T E R N A L L Y!
Verse II: I’m a changed man, N E W, I was shaken by His truth, like it made a double move,
Now I am drunk off His Spirit, I don’t use the double deuce,
People grab a second look they have to take a double view.
My loose lifestyle left me so angry, I was fit to be tied K N O T,
I was chained like mail, send to twelve homies,
‘Til Christ set me F R double E!
Verse III: I’m an F A N A T I C, and I’m a new creature gotta check my I D,
Hooked up to living water you can call it I V,
With a P U R P O S E!
The flesh, I wear it under like some B V D’s.
I’m changing the landscape like W M D’s,
I’m watching my, behavior like D V D’s.
Anticipate His return like a C D release!
I had no hope I was in S I N, didn’t know it separated God from M E N.
‘Til then, I never heard that blood could cleanse,
But that’s one stain Tide can’t upend.
I’m a crooked letter hump backed E double straight line B O U N D
Indeed, fascinated by His G R A C E, saved a wretch like M E me!!


Lawrence Smith has released a 5 song EP called 'Worldwide' (www.cdbaby.com/lawrencesmith), and followed it up with the LP, 'Fire In My Bones'(www.cdbaby/lawrencesmith2). 'The Preaching of the Cross...and other Foolishness' was released in 2008 and you can hear samples of that on www.myspace.com/GODisBIGMinistries. 'The Campaign' was released in January of this year to much critical acclaim, and a tour is being planned for late summer.

Set List

Typical set lists varies. Our sets are versatile, and can accomodate a 15 minute set to 1 hour and 15 minutes. The longest sets consist of 9 tracks, while the shortest would be 2 or 3.

Gotta Stay Fresh
Something More
Stop What Ya Doin'
The Church is Us
He's Comin' Back
Do Or Die
You Can't Take My Life