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Inspired by a well-known poem cycle, godnr. universe! employ violin, hurdy-gurdy, modern singing, electronic beats and soundscapes from human to machine to add sound and create a truly special and breathtaking interpretation.


godnr.universe! is the long-awaited dream of two ardent musicians which was brought to life (by a wonderful coincidence) in autumn of 2009. This dream was fulfilled by a democratically rejected melody for another song and another band in which the two are already successfully active. godnr. universe! has not yet played live but gigs will be announced soon!

The decisive factor that eventually led to the birth of a new project was a new found inspiration in the well-known poem cycle "Pierrot Lunaire: Rondels bergamasques" written in 1884 by Albert Giraud. It is a selection of these poems that the composer Arnold Schönberg used for his melodrama also commonly known as "Pierrot Lunaire". It is this same selection godnr.universe! are working with and a concept album is already in progress. Unlike the famous setting by Schönberg, godnr.universe! mainly employs violin, hurdy-gurdy, modern singing, electronic beats and soundscapes from human to machine. The three demo tracks "Moondrunk", "The Ailing Moon" and "The Dandy" were recorded and mixed at home. They will be re-recorded and released this year on a demo and hopefully next year on the full-length concept album which is in progress.

Although it's hard to resign to the fact that musical phantasies and ideas tend to not appeal, it is a beautiful thing to know that they can gather to create something new. It is only art itself that can truly support the artist in the end. godnr.universe!


- three demo tracks published
- first demo to be released end of the year

- release of first full-length album planned