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This is GODS, the Rap / Dance / Synth Pop project of Benji Hypes.


This is GODS, the Rap / Dance / Synth Pop project of Benji Hypes.


How Come Nao

Written By: Bensh

How come Nao
That despite the things you do
You've got that air of innocence
And healthiness about you

And how come
That even when my mind is all set
You only take a split second
To explode in my head

How come Nao
That despite my blood is thick
It's gonna boil faster than water
Every time you do the trick
It's just what could be done
Is different from what can be achieved
With senses in a riot
Under all you are believeing in

So how come Nao
Nao how come
You look so pretty and intelligent
And natural and young

Do you fuck for a quick buck
Or mostly for the fun?
Jesus you work it like the rent is due tonight
In this men's world

And tell me now Nao
Nao how come
Nobody ever gets to see you
With your clothes still on
I'd rather have a cup of tea with you
And compliment your eyes
But when you shake it like you do
It's not so easy to be civilised

How come Nao
You're appearing in my dreams
Old familiar poses
In all familiar scenes
You were not happy
I could see it in your eyes
For all I knew
It wasn't all that easy
Being in my dream being you

How did it come to this Nao
How did it go?
And I cannot lift my eyes
In spite of everything I know
Because we're feeding on each other
And the food's no good
Still I don't manage to resist Nao
I really wish I could

Do you do it for the money
Or the thrill, or the fun?
Because you work it
Like the rent is due tonight
In this tough world

Tell me now Nao...

Woman 77

Written By: Bensh

Behind a word above your eyes
And in the corner you forgot
Under a colourful disguise
Between the images you plot
I’m slipping all along the tracks
But I can’t find Woman 77

There’s still a stone I didn’t turn
There’s still a wheel I didn’t spin
There’s still a stake I didn’t burn
There’s still a praise I didn’t sing

But it’s still not clear
What Woman 77 really knows
And it’s still not clear
What she really does
I really need to know
I really need to know
Who is Woman 77

Outside your understanding
An in someone else’s stolen shoes
Beneath the surface
Of apology, denial and excuse

I’m alright, I’ve got an alibi
I kept an eye
On Woman 77

There’s still a truth I haven’t told
There’s still a story I don’t know
There’s still some lead to turn to gold
And yet another life to blow


There’s still a tear I didn’t shed
There’s still a fruit I didn’t taste
There’s still a word I didn’t spread
There’s still a thought I didn’t waste



Written By: Bensh

Light my youth
It will lead me like a fuse
Through the holes
In the walls and the homes and the news

Maybe if I keep on walking
You won’t find out

That I’m so full of doubt
My love
I’m so full of doubt
My love
I’m so full of doubt

All the heads of wood
All the hearts of stone
Tell the clowns and the drones
They’re not alone

Maybe if I keep them in the dark
They won’t be able to point out, my love

That I’m so full of doubt
My love
I’m so full of doubt
My love
I’m so full of doubt


Upcoming Releases:


Sisters (Single) . October 18, 2013
GODS - debut album (February 2014)


'Doubt' on the FM4 Soundselection via Universal Music (Germany/Austria/Switzerland)

First Single 'Doubt' on daily rotation at national Radio FM4 (Austria, Germany) and airplay at the BBC (UK)

Debut Album 'Clues' (Odd One In/Hoanzl, TBR in the UK and Germany in Oct 2011)

The Bona Fide EP
(Bensh/Odd One In Records, 2008, sold out!)

'How Come Nao' on the Japanzine compilation (Japan).
(2000 copies in Japan, out of stock. )

'Woman 77' on the Future Music Sampler (UK, distributed worldwide from August 2008)

Set List

Sweet Repeater
Topeka Tiger
How Come Nao
Bona Fide
Woman 77

A typical set is between 35 - 55 minutes long and can be extended to up to 70 minutes.