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Godschild will counsel the gangster, murderer, wino, pusher, rapist, homosexual, abuser, hurting, rejected and abandoned and go to the darkest streets and bad parts of town to tear down walls, break chains and set people free through renewed minds and changed hearts by the power of the Holy Spirit.


I am a born again christian that seeks oppurtunity to minister the gospel through song. I seek to reach all people for the Kingdom, but I am passionate about reaching out to those especially in the hip-hop culture. My number one goal is saving souls, which means gospel plus discipleship. As an artist my main influence is T-Bone, I have designed my rap style around his. I am determined to be the fastest christian female rap artist. As a christian my main influence is Jesus Christ , I am determined to bring Him glory in everything I do. As a single mother my inspiration is my beautiful Naomi.



Written By: GODSchild

This is a story of a little girl
who was lost and trapped in her little world
Doors closed latch locked there was no escape
So deep so lost till' all she felt was hate
And every night she would cry, Lord please help me out
Of this hurt of this pain and overwhelming doubt
My soul overfloweth with feelings of death's desire, so as I hold this knife what stops me is knowledge of hell's fire
So I deteremined my only choice is to endure
Is there a better reason for me living other than fear?
I know your real God
Can you see my tears, as I hold my pillow at night and all these reoccuring nightmares?
Some people just don't understand
How their words have
the power to destroy one man
Is there any one who can fix all my broken pieces
because I've been like this for a longtime and no one's noticed

Lord,you heard my cry, came to my rescue, and healed my pain
Said that you understood and that only you could relate
Cuz you were rejected, forsaken, abused,taken for granted,
Betrayed by those supposed to love you , left alone and abandoned
You saw me in my distress and caught every tear that I cried
When I thought that I was all alone
your hands held me at night
I was bitter and I didn't really want to let go or forgive
You taught me how to have grace and mercy and live
You showed me my own imperfections that needed to change
And see people through your eyes and put myself in their place
Now I'm stronger and I know what I need to do
Stop putting my trust in people and just put my trust in you
Cuz they will always fail, that's all they can do
But your love perfects and your love is true
The bottom line is
this life is not about me and all i go through
its all about you and what you want to do

?Testimony 2

Written By: GODSchild


This is Godschild:

You know that you've been my best friend for a while. I miss the way I used to talk to you when I was a child. And all the cool things we would do together Like running outside in the rainy weather
Then when I was a teenager
I asked you and wanted you to be my Savior I used to sit and talk to you for hours Read and study your word in my room for hours And I miss hearing your voice
Before I would stop to make the simplest choice Man talkin to you was like a hobby I wanted to, cuz you knew me more than anybody
I wish I knew how to get it back again Because nothin's been the same (It's me, not you)
since I fell into sin

Your love is so perfect
so divine
nothing can compare

You are worth it
you're mine
I need you here

God, well maybe its me
Maybe I can't here you clearly
Or maybe I'm just not listening
Cuz your telling me something that I don't want
Or your asking me for something I don't think I've got
Or you expect me to be like you
And do everything that you want me to
I need your help to overcome
this fear that I feel and inability to trust
I want to love but I don't know how
I want to trust but it's much harder now
Everything is foggy and our connection faded
It's my fault I know, but I wish you'd change it
I can't figure it out myself
God I need you
I need your help
As I seek you

I'll draw close to you and you'll draw close to me
I'll read your word and listen more carefully
I'll wait on your timing for everything
I'll do whatever it takes to get you back again

You are so perfect
you're divine
I need you here

I seek you
I'll find
You are here

You're here with me
You're here with me

You are all I need



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