God's Example

God's Example


What do you get when you mix Contemporary Worship, hand Clapping traditional gospel music, with Southern style Gospel R&B? What you get is God's Example. The songs they sing typify the very essence of what we call Urban Gospel Music, without compromising the meaning and coviction of the message.


God’s Example Biography
“Many are called, but few are chosen.”

What do you get when you mix Contemporary Worship and hand Clapping traditional gospel music with Southern style Gospel R&B? What you get is God's Example. The name birthed out of a desire to do the will of God and follow his example. God's Example’s style is said to be a marriage of traditional and contemporary gospel: from soft ballads of worship to soulful hand clapping rhythms to good ole quartet style music. Although this group of 4 brothers has often been compared with gospel legends, The Winans, Commissioned and Men of Standard, it is evident that their style is original. The songs they sing typify the very essence of what we call Urban Gospel Music, without compromising the meaning and conviction of the message. The unmistakable vocal harmony, accompanied by skilled instrumentation, will not be forgotten. Breakthrough is their first professional project and has already been coined a "Gospel Classic" by critics.

In 1999, at a revival meeting in a small town called Crescent City, Florida, there were four young men in the audience. The preacher gave an invitation to accept Christ and one by one these young men came to the altar and accepted Jesus Christ and the gift of the Holy Ghost. These four young men were biological brothers Derrick, Jay, Kenny, Chris, and the preacher was their father, Pastor Emanuiel Roberts. This was the divine forming of God's Example. The young foursome and their father began immediately doing street, prison, and nursing home ministries singing and preaching the Gospel. In 2001, God’s Example was joined by gifted bassist and luthier Mark Vinciguerra and close friend Taurean Wilson, a local keyboardist. Over time, they expanded their ministry and traveled throughout the Southeastern portion of the United States spreading the gospel. They have shared the stage with notable artists such as Dr. Bobby Jones and the Nashville Super Choir, The Williams Brothers, Rev. Milton Biggham of the Georgia Mass Choir, Beverly Crawford, Lacrecia Campbell, Mom and Pop Winans, Jimmy Hicks and Voices of Integrity and a host of regional and local acts.

They have self-produced and sold hundreds of copies of their music and their music received airplay in major cities in Northeast Florida, such as Jacksonville & surrounding areas, Gainesville & surrounding areas, Daytona Beach, Tampa, and Brunswick, Georgia & surrounding areas. GE's music has also received airplay in Detroit, Michigan and Chicago, Illinois as well as their local area. Their most recent album, Break Through is expected to release in the summer of 2008 and has already grabbed the attention of major broad casting and entertainment companies throughout the country.

God’s Example takes pride in the fact that it’s not about entertainment, but enlightenment. Their prayer is that souls are saves, chains are broken and God’s people receive a break through as a result of their music.


It Feels So Nice (1999)
Complete (2001)
Crossroad (2004)
Break Though (2008)

Set List

Our typical set lists consists of all original songs. Usually 2 to 3 from previous albums and 4 to 5 from current album. The following is an example:

1. I feel good
2. I feel good (reprise)
3. Love
4. Crossroad
5. There is nothing too hard for God
6. Before you Throw in the Towel
7. All I want is you (Invitation to Christ)
8. Right on time